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Genetically modified crops, corn in particular, have virtually taken over supermarkets and even seed supply stores. Monsanto and other biotech giants claim the the GMO seeds produce higher yields and require fewer chemical pesticide and herbicide spraying. Both organic farmers and environmental activists dispute such claims.eFoodsDirect offers an entire line of gluten free and soy… Read more »

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Today I was making my normal rounds through the industry blogosphere and I stumbled on an article written by Dean Garrison back in August of last year entitled, “Is Disaster Looming? FEMA in a Rush to Get Survival Foods…Requesting a 24 Hour Turnaround” that at first glance seemed a bit incredulous…to say the least. Little… Read more »

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According to a report written by James Famiglietti, a leading hydrologist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and published in the Nature Climate Change Journal, recent satellite imagery shows that nearly all of the major aquifers underlying the world’s great agricultural regions are being depleted at “…alarming rates.“ Declining water storage in California as seen by NASA’s Gravity Recovery and… Read more »