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guy thinking

Ahhh…spring has finally sprung and it’s time to get those seeds into the ground! Having grown up planting gardens every year…I have developed a real taste for fresh out-of-the-garden fruits and veggies…especially strawberries. Unfortunately for me…I’ve never had much luck with growing strawberries in my current location. My soil is too alkaline and is home… Read more »

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H7N9 bird flu

 Food supply and pandemic fears have surfaced amid bird flu strain mutations revelations. Not only are Chinese chickens and ducks passing the latest and perhaps most deadly version of the H7N9 avian flu, the harmful virus is also infecting and killing human beings. The H2N2 bird flu has already infected thousands of turkey flocks in… Read more »

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ISIS in America

  Ohio ISIS suspect Christopher Cornell shocked the nation when portions of his jailhouse interview with a Cincinnati radio station aired earlier this month. The suspected terrorist’s attorney fought, and lost, a court battle to keep the public from hearing Cornell’s threats against America. The attorney claimed that by airing Christopher Lee Cornell’s interview, his… Read more »