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I was talking to someone about emergency preparation a few days ago, and he was not at all interested in doing anything to prepare ahead. He had an interesting theory of how he would make it through any hardships. That got me thinking: If we aren’t prepared to take care of ourselves, who do we… Read more »

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Establish a food network now. It just may make the difference between having a steady supply of whole foods and protein sources, or doing without.   What is a Food Network? A food network is an alliance among friends, family and neighbors with the goal of sharing or bartering food. Each member provides at least… Read more »

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border patrol machine guns

  The debate over securing the border is not just a political issue but a national security matter as well. The Texas border with Mexico has become a favorite crossing spot not just for unaccompanied children but for drug cartel members and individuals from terrorism watchlist countries. Illegal immigrants are crossing the Texas border into… Read more »