Best Places To Barter For Preps

where to find barter preps

  Bartering is a useful skill which can be used during both good times and in a teotwawki scenario. Understanding how to dicker will save you cash and help garner new gear, tools, and services, but knowing where to look to find a multitude of inexpensive and gently used items is just as important as being able to talk a resident of Alaska into buying an air conditioner. After making a list of necessary items, the excursion to find the gear, tools, and livestock should be as well planned as a Black Friday shopping trip. Go early, don’t browse until ... Read More »

Essentials for a full day mountain bike ride


Unexpected bike mechanical failures, unpredictable weather changes, unmarked trails that may make you ride for a number of unplanned miles/hours are just some of the mis-adventures that may require your emergency preparedness planning before you hit the trails. For these reasons, you need to be self sufficient and prepared to fix any problem that you may encounter on your bike ride. Carrying the necessary supplies on your journey to the woods or desert will ensure that your day remains safe and above all fun, no matter what happens. Food No matter the distance you intend to ride, carrying survival food ... Read More »

Get It Before It’s Gone–Your Toilet Paper Is Disappearing

Okay, so maybe that title is a bit misleading. Toilet paper is not currently disappearing from stores, but there is a crisis you should know about. Toilet paper is quickly disappearing right off the toilet paper holder in your bathroom. As I noted in this space three years ago, toilet paper manufacturers have gotten creative in an effort to keep their prices stable in an era of price inflation. Way back in the mists of time, circa 1970, the typical toilet paper roll contained 500 good-sized sheets. No company wanted to be the first to reduce the size of the ... Read More »

What Comfort Items Will You Store?


We all have a comfort zone. We tend to freak out a little when we are two steps outside of our zone and we all know it. Why stock seven different long-term storage meals if none of them are something we would eat in a non-emergency situation? Part of the reason people prepare for the worst is because of the sudden change. Having a stockpile of the foods and other supplies can make a disaster situation much less of a shock. To help even more, it’s a good idea to do a few things while you are preparing. Let’s take ... Read More »

Top 10 Self-Reliance Courses To Increase Survival Chances And Rebuild Communities

where to find barter preps

  Emergency preparedness involves a lot more than simply purchasing survival gear and weapons. When planning to live off the grid or just engage in a more self-reliant existence, ongoing training and hands-on training should become a priority. The “one is none and two is one” philosophy teaches us to have backup for our backup from a supply standpoint. To be completely self-reliant, we must use that same mindset as a guide when considering how to spend funds from our survival budget. A first aid kit and gun with lots of bullets will only protect you and your loved ones ... Read More »

You’d be surprised how many people don’t have this in their food storage… But should!


I have a friend, a nurse practitioner that preaches a profound, yet simple principle.  When it comes to taking care of your body, you just have to do 80%.  By that, she means that nobody is perfect when it comes to taking care of our bodies, but we can be pretty close, be 80% perfect and your body can make up the rest.  Some ways to achieve the 80% are: Clean eating (eliminating unhealthy processed foods), eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, getting daily exercise, taking vitamins/supplements, etc. Wait a minute… so even if I’m eating healthy I still ... Read More »

One Gallon Per Person Per Day…

water bottle

Water One gallon, per person, per day – and more for someone who is pregnant, elderly, a child, has unusual medical needs, etc. We have all been told we should store at least that much. And we know the more we store, the better, right? Most organizations and groups suggest starting with a small goal of enough water (per person) for 3 days, or 2 weeks, and build from there. I’m trying to do that. I have quite a few gallons of water in my basement for my family. They are commercially-packaged, so I know they won’t need to be ... Read More »

Cooking with Food Storage: Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe


Warm homemade muffins straight from the oven. This treat is within your reach when you follow this simple recipe that uses real wholesome ingredients. The addition of freeze dried raspberries turns an ordinary muffin into something special and eFoodsDirect helps you reduce the cost per muffin. Grab a little piece of summer now. This raspberry chocolate chip muffin recipe is easy to follow and hard to fail. Covered in an air tight container, the muffins will last for days (although they will be eaten by then) at room temperature or frozen for later use. My family enjoys these muffins for ... Read More »

Hypothermia And Frostbite Prevention And Treatment

emergency first aid

Winter seemed like it would never end this year and even impacted regions of the United States where snow and ice rarely reach. Understanding how to not only treat but prevent hypothermia and frostbite can save you life during a cold weather accident or during a disaster scenario.  Hypothermia can be deadly, and is often ranked alongside avalanches as the most life-threatening wintertime risks.When human bodies become extremely cold, blood flows becomes extremely restricted to specific parts of the body, usually the extremities. When the core temperature of the body drops too low, garnering warmth becomes immediately critical to survival. ... Read More »

Can you can it?


Canning is a method where heat is applied to food to stop the natural process of spoilage. Generally, there are two methods to do this    Water-bath canning    Pressure canning. Why Do We Can? Canning builds self reliance and produces high quality flavorful food that can save you money. It’s a great way to fill your pantry with food the old fashioned way. How Canning Works All cooking involves some science and canning is no different. Food preservation is in essence, freezing time by either stopping natural processes from occurring or encouraging specific good bacteria to thrive and crowd ... Read More »