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Sun protection is important

When TSHTF, will the sun become your enemy? Unfortunately, our global sunscreen may slowly be giving out. Learn how to protect yourself and your family. Survive and thrive. Running errands, I decide to stop at Target, the store that seems to sell everything I don’t need but buy anyway. Really, does anyone ever get out of there… Read more »

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long term food

  The inaugural World Food Systems report judged the food systems in 125 different countries, ranking each nation based on four different major metrics: affordability of food, food quality, abundance of food, and the eating habits of citizens. The United States’ food systems score was adversely affected by both the nation’s high obesity and diabetes… Read more »

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dandelion recipes

  The dandelion can be used for a host of both natural remedies and delicious food recipes. The wild little plant is useful in combating common ailments and readily available to consume in a survival situation. Dandelions may seem like a nuisance in the yard, but before you mow over the little yellow flowers, pause… Read more »

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Water in a glass

  You tap water could be dosing your family with harmful hormones, medications and more! With summer’s heat and humidity here to stay for a while, I have been encouraging my active kids to drink plenty of water. After all, it is better and more hydrating that soda, juice drinks and anything else that contains… Read more »

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survival stoves

  Survival stoves and portable camping stoves are uncomplicated outdoor cooking devices that are handy when camping and can save your life during a disaster situation. During a long-term disaster fuel for a generator, wood logs, and charcoal will ultimately be in short supply or disappear entirely. Possessing a basement full of delicious eFoodsDirect long-term… Read more »