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Thorn Live Free of Die

  National Geographic Channel’s new series Live Free or Die explores one of the most remote subcultures in the United States. The show follows the lives of five individuals living in the “country’s backwoods and swamps with few of the trappings of modern society.” The intriguing and self-reliant folks showcased on the new series definitely… Read more »

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equine care

  Livestock both small and large must be kept healthy to provide food and milk for the family during a long-term natural or man-made disaster. When the food supply chain is interrupted for even a short period of time, grocery store shelves will empty in a matter of days – if not hours. The natural… Read more »

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climate change

  Agenda 21 was a major, if not slightly cloaked, topic at the recent United Nations summit in New York City. An expansive plan reportedly designed to examine climate change “risk stress testing” for international banking purposes, securities regulation, and accounting practices was revealed during the UN Climate Summit. The United Nations Agenda 21 related… Read more »

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prepping with kids

  If you do not homeschool,a bugout bag for kids should be an essential part of your preparedness plan. The bags should include a basic first aid kit, a map with the route home highlighted, directions to survival caches along the route, several nutritional bars and a survival straw in their school backpack. The child,… Read more »

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You’ve started gathering all sorts of things that are important to have in an emergency (whatever type of emergency it is: persona, natural, etc.). These things should include water, fuel, first aid kit, flashlight, food, and a lot of other things. Today, let’s talk about your food storage. Hopefully, you’ve bought some food from eFoods… Read more »

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aluminum foil

Did you stockpile enough aluminum foil? This versatile product is a valuable resource. Here are eighteen different emergency and preparedness uses for aluminum foil. We bet you haven’t thought of them all. To be prepared, we suggest that you purchase a large amount of “heavy duty” or restaurant quality foil.   Attract Fish When the fish aren’t… Read more »