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You’ve started gathering all sorts of things that are important to have in an emergency (whatever type of emergency it is: persona, natural, etc.). These things should include water, fuel, first aid kit, flashlight, food, and a lot of other things. Today, let’s talk about your food storage. Hopefully, you’ve bought some food from eFoods… Read more »

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aluminum foil

Did you stockpile enough aluminum foil? This versatile product is a valuable resource. Here are eighteen different emergency and preparedness uses for aluminum foil. We bet you haven’t thought of them all. To be prepared, we suggest that you purchase a large amount of “heavy duty” or restaurant quality foil.   Attract Fish When the fish aren’t… Read more »

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Stack of blueberry muffins

A food storage system is vital for any person or any family. It will provide insurance for any unseen event or crisis that restricts your access to food and water. Putting together an emergency food storage system takes some thought, planning, decisions and resources. This article is a good place to start. How Much Food… Read more »

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1040 tax form

Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes.There are natural disasters, man-made disasters, and personal disasters. We need a variety of things prepared and ready for any emergency. I’m sure you’ve thought about storing water, and food, and a first aid kit. Those are important. But you need to be sure you also are prepared for… Read more »

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It can be a desperate challenge to find storage space for everything that you need to be prepared. All of your food, water, hygiene products and survival gear need to go somewhere. Here are several storage tips for those of us who may be challenged when it comes to storage space. The Need to Organize… Read more »