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jade helm 15

  Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theories, facts, and speculation have dominated online headlines for weeks. The massive realistic military training to take place in seven states this summer has many preppers and Second Amendment extremely concerned. Operation Jade Helm rumors range from concerns about the abrupt Walmart store closings for the biggest plumbing problem in… Read more »

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guy thinking

Good afternoon from the eFoods Community Headquarters on this fine spring day! I came across a funny top 10 list I wanted to share. Hopefully it delivers a smile to you like it did to me. You might be a closet prepper if… 10.  You have more toilet paper in your basement than the local grocery… Read more »

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When a catastrophe happens, it won’t be enough to just have some food storage on hand. There are many other things we need, including boxes of matches to start a fire so we can get warm, cook food, warm water to wash dishes, etc. But there are two types of matches. Do you know which… Read more »

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Canned food

A spoonful of the stuff may be enough to kill 100,000 people Ever hear of a little bacterium-caused illness known as botulism? It’s a serious condition often caused by consuming improperly stored or preserved food. Clostridium botulinum is the bacterium’s name, and it just loves spoiling the party—literally. Botulinum will munch on exposed food and… Read more »

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When it comes to food storage, we have a lot of options. eFoods Direct sells freeze-dried entrees (like Beef Stroganoff with Pasta), soups (Cheddar Broccoli), as well as many other food products like biscuit mixes (Delicious Buttermilk Biscuits). But there are other types of foods that can be stored. From the grocery story, we can buy… Read more »

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On Thursday morning, a patient is brought into the emergency room, complaining of severe headache, heart palpitations and sweating. The doctors run tests, but are unable to make a diagnosis. Within a few hours, the patient’s behavior becomes wild and strange. Drug screening comes up negative. Breathing slows and becomes erratic, and the patient’s eyes… Read more »