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Today I was making my normal rounds through the industry blogosphere and I stumbled on an article written by Dean Garrison back in August of last year entitled, “Is Disaster Looming? FEMA in a Rush to Get Survival Foods…Requesting a 24 Hour Turnaround” that at first glance seemed a bit incredulous…to say the least. Little did I know how wrong my initial assessment would turn out to be…

In his article, Garrison reports on a situation where a major manufacturer of storable foods requesting forecasts on their ability comply with federal government requests for “…’immediate delivery’ of truckloads of food within a 24 hour period” should the situation arise.

As if this weren’t enough, Garrison’s inside source indicated the way in which the government agency solicited this information was in total conflict with the standard operating procedure…via Federal Business Opportunities website which by the way, was established for transparency and financial efficiency.  No, according to Garrison’s source, “…companies are being contacted directly and discreetly…” in an effort to keep things quiet.

The deeper into the article I got, the less I believed what I was reading…especially when I discovered that the source of the article was not some company insider secretly leaking confidential information at their own peril…it was posted by the company itself right there on their website for everyone to see! Wow. Blatant fear mongering scare tactic marketing.

Guess what? I found out later in the day that we got the very same letter and the most troubling of it all is that ours did not come last year. It came last month. What they’re up to…I’m not sure, but what I can say is that this is a systematic on-going process and having had experience with government buying power know that when Uncle Sam buys…he buys A LOT and literally within a blink of an eye can deplete an entire industry of it’s stock…leaving the consumer out in the cold.

So the take-home here is that if the government is monitoring our food stores, there’s a good likelihood they are looking at everyone.  How would they know who has food stockpiles and who doesn’t?  Easy, they’ll just look at purchase history and anyone who has bought large shipments of food can likely count on an unwelcomed knock on their doors.  (For the record…we would never willingly divulge a customer’s personal information…but one doesn’t have to look very hard to see examples of the iron had of the government coming down on companies when they want something from them.) Pretty dismal right?

Ironically, the best solution to this situation is exactly what would work best for most of us in the first place!  Rather than go out and buy an entire supply all at once…spread it out over 6 months, even a year.  Once a month, invest a couple of hundred bucks on a 1 or 2 month supply, incorporate some of it into your consumable food supply (helps with product familiarity as well as plausible deniability should the situation arise) and before long you’ll have what you need safe and sound, under the government’s radar!

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