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eFoods Direct Offers New Silver Dental Gel by Activz Whole-Food Nutrition

eFoods Direct announces expanded product line with Activz Silver Dental Gel.  eFoods Direct offers new superior option for natural tooth and gum care with the advanced nano-silver formula of Activz Silver Dental Gel.

Salt Lake City, Utah – February 2015 – eFoodsDirect today announced the new Activz Silver Dental Gel as part of expansion.  The advanced nano-silver formula of Activz Silver Dental Gel offers superior option for natural tooth and gum care.

eFoods is proud to offer Activz Silver Dental Gel because it uses a proprietary formula that is stable and resonant even at low potency, unlike ionic or colloidal silvers, which require higher concentrations of silver to have positive effects. PPM, or “parts per million,” that is a ratio that helps determine potency by showing how many units of solute (in this case, silver) are in one million units of solvent (in this case, water). You will find basic information on the front page. The PPMs in Activz Silver Dental Gel range from 10 to 30, which thanks to the resonance of the nano-silver particles are PPMs high enough to have positive effects in the body yet also low enough to avoid disrupting the body’s natural state.*

eFoods Direct customers may be aware that the mouth is home to more than 450 species of microorganisms, some of which are harmful bacteria that may cause damage to your gums and disrupt good health. Silver has been used to support natural healing for over a century, and the nano-particle formula found in Activz Silver Dental Gel is the most advanced version available. This latest formula, backed by 18 U.S. patents, has a unique chemical structure that supports the existing healing mechanisms in the human body without disrupting its natural state

Activz Silver Dental Gel helps clean your teeth naturally with a balanced blend of three powerful ingredients:

  • Verified therapeutic-grade peppermint oil flavors the gel naturally and cools the mouth.
  • USP-verified xylitol gives gel a natural flavor without harming teeth the way sugar does.
  • Activz patented nano-silver works faster, longer and more efficiently than colloidal and ionic silvers; is stable and resonant and has positive effects without disrupting the body’s natural environment and flora.*

About the Activz Nano-Silver Solution:

Activz silver products come in liquid supplements, gels, lozenges and cleansing wipes. The Activz formula, backed by 18 US patents, has a unique chemical structure that helps promote natural healing by catalyzing chemical reactions, resonating at ideal frequency and stealing multiple electrons (not just one) from unstable agents.No artificial colors or flavors are used. Our products are free from fluoride, parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

About eFoods Direct:
For over 30 years eFoods Direct has been a leading provider of emergency food supply products that improve the personal security. eFoods vision is to empower all people to be independent, secure and prosperous through the knowledge that they have the best emergency preparations available.  The eFoods Direct model is centered around three key principles that we value the most:  Serve, Save, and Share-Serve great food, save for unforeseen circumstances that lie ahead, and share the message of gaining control of your food supply to be less dependent on others.  eFoods Direct values the importance of emergency preparedness, and we believe that the most vital tool to have in any small or large emergency is your family’s greatest dependency: food.  eFoods Direct’s goal is to help all American families have delicious, affordable, healthy, and storable food for emergencies or any time.  For more information about eFoodsDirect, visit or contact us at (800) 810-4441.

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