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Ahhh…spring has finally sprung and it’s time to get those seeds into the ground! Having grown up planting gardens every year…I have developed a real taste for fresh out-of-the-garden fruits and veggies…especially strawberries.

Unfortunately for me…I’ve never had much luck with growing strawberries in my current location. My soil is too alkaline and is home to too many slugs…slugs that seem to like the fruit even more than yours truly. So this year, I have decided to do it a little differently – hydroponics.

I’ve long been interested in the science of growing plants without dirt (or essentially dirtless) but the set-up of such a system was always too encumbering…the parts, the knowledge, and the cost. So why the change in attitude?

Because I am sick of feeding slugs my prized fruit!

All kidding aside though, the main reason for the change mind is because I have found a new hydroponic grow box that is simple, easy to build and even easier to maintain. No pumps. No electricity. Just seeds, water, conditioner, and sunshine!

It’s called the Mini-Farm Grow Box and guess what…it’s virtually free, if you build it yourself. Invented by Texas inventor Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger”), who is also an atomic spectrometry lab director, award-winning investigative journalist and holder of multiple pending patents, the Mini-Farm Grow box is complete breakthrough in self-reliant food production. It grows organic, farm fresh­ produce on 1/20th the water typically necessary for traditional irrigation methods, and did I say, “No power necessary because again…it is 100% off the grid. Impervious to solar flares, power outages, and the dreaded EMP attack.

Check out this latest article on Mike’s blog where he details some of the problems and challenges many people currently face regarding a dependable food supply and why having the ability to produce your own off-the-grid food…virtually anywhere…could end up being the difference between life and death.

And don’t miss the “Prepper Tip of the Week” in this week’s issue of EFCN in which you can watch a great “how-to” video about building one of these amazing tools out of every-day stuff like paperclips, erasers, garden hose rubber washers, and discarded vitamin bottles.

I can’t wait to get mine built and growing the strawberry seeds from my personal seed vault. Come by this July and have some strawberry shortcake on me!


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