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aluminum foil

Did you stockpile enough aluminum foil? This versatile product is a valuable resource. Here are eighteen different emergency and preparedness uses for aluminum foil. We bet you haven’t thought of them all.

To be prepared, we suggest that you purchase a large amount of “heavy duty” or restaurant quality foil.


Attract Fish

When the fish aren’t biting, a bit of aluminum foil can encourage the fish to jump on your hook.
Pinhole Glasses

If you find yourself without your corrective eyewear, homemade pinhole glasses may get you by in an emergency. Read the following article about What to Do if You Need Glasses.
Form a Funnel
Aluminum foil will make a nice funnel that can be used as needed.
Food Wrap
Wrap your food to cook it or protect it.


Signal Mirror

Lost or need to communicate with your group over a long distance? Fold a square and use it as a signal mirror.


Repair Tool

What happens when you have a loose connection in one of your electronics? Repair it with aluminum foil, of course.


Collect and Boil Water

Shape the stuff into a bowl or pot that can be used first to collect water and second to boil it. This is a easy way to stay hydrated and make sure your water is safe to drink, if you don’t have a water purifier on hand. Bonus tip: Placing heated rocks in a foil boil will boil the water quickly, allowing for a quick hot cocoa or soup.


Mark Your Path

Place small pieces of this reflective product along your path, and it will help keep you on track or lead you back, when exploring. It works particularly well at night when you shine a light source at it.


Plates, Bowls and Dishes

Shape and use it to eat your meals, when a regular plate, cup or bowl is not an option.


Frying Pan

First, you might need to cook the meals you eat. Layer aluminum foil over a sturdy forked stick to make a makeshift frying pan.


Conserve and Direct Heat

Aluminum foil makes a great heat reflector. Use it to direct the heat from campfires and other heat sources.


Solar Oven

You can’t make a solar oven or a solar heater without the stuff.


Campfire Base Layer

If your ground is just too wet to lay a good fire, first create a base layer of foil to act as a barrier against the damp. Your fire will catch in no time.


Boot Impression

If you need to separate from your party, first make boot prints of all the members of the group. This way, if someone gets lost, the others will be better prepared to track the missing person.


Sharpen Scissors and Knives

Cut through six layers of aluminum foil, several times, to sharpen your scissors. It also works on knives.


Scare the Birds

To keep your fruit to yourself, take some sheets of aluminum foil, draw on some large scary eyes, and dangle them from fruit trees and berry bushes to keep the birds away. Many birds don’t like shiny things, and the eyes lend added protection.



Ball up a piece of the stuff and use it to scrub out messy cookware or your grill.


Loose Battery Fix

With small devices, sometimes the springs that hold batteries in place can loosen. Use a small folded piece of aluminum foil to hold the batteries tightly and securely, no matter how much jostling takes place.


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