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Power is the ability to act for yourself. When you own your power, there is nothing that can stop you.

The problem is, for most of us, that we learned from an early age to give away that power to someone or something else in authority: a teacher, the government or even a philosophy. It is natural for us to give away our power and believe that people or an established system will take care of us. We all know that sort of thinking just isn’t reality. Still, it is hard to take back power once we have given it away.

So what happens when we give away our power? We limit our survivability and thrive-ability. We learn to rely on whatever we gave our power away to and stop making objective decisions. Sometimes, giving away our power also affects our confidence in our own abilities. It may even keep us frozen with fear, unwilling to prepare, because we are afraid to imagine worse case scenarios.

To be prepared for whatever might come, preppers need to take back their power, both in practical ways and in their own sense of self. Here are three ways that preppers can take back their power.

Grocery Stores:  Preppers should not rely on supermarkets and other on-demand current food supply chains to provide food for their families. These systems are fragile and will not protect you from starvation. Create your own ample food storage and learn how to produce food. 

Health Facilities: During an epidemic, will modern health care systems protect us? The reality is that while our health care system is an invaluable resource, preppers must be prepared not to give all their power to it. Putting in medical supplies, getting training, taking care of our bodies and forming alliances with medical professionals can help us take back our power over our heath. 

The Media: Every time a scientific study is done, the government makes a suggestion, a celebrity endorses a philosophy or we turn on the television, we might just be allowing someone or something else to tell us what is best for us. Start tuning out all but proven sources, avoid sensationalism, do your own research and rely on your own common sense when you make decisions about your life.

Only you can take back your power.

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