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Holiday ornaments

These items need to be on your holiday shopping list; this is no time to forget about being prepared for emergencies.

The holidays are a perfect time to stockpile a few things for emergency preparedness. The availability of certain items, plus the holiday sales, mean that you can get what you need for less money.

While the average shopper might not be aware of this, there are three types of products for preppers that should be snapped up now, while the getting is good.

Don’t forget to pick up extras. Having redundancy is important (read more about the importance of redundancy here).  Make sure you have a basic supply of these items on hand before Christmas, and then go back to the stores after the holidays to add extra stockpile items that may be put on clearance.

What should you purchase for prepping? You’ll need the following 36 items, which we have broken down for you, by grouping.


“Christmas Gift Ideas for Men”

All chauvinism aside, there are many items that are advertised as Christmas gift ideas for men. While some of these items might leave you shaking your head (what were they thinking when they invented that beer hat?), others could be quite useful for all preppers.
1. Camping stoves

2. Pocket knives and heavy duty knives

3. Multi-tools

4. Camouflage clothing

5. Sturdy belts

6. Flashlights

7. Kerosene heater

8. Gas grill

9. Lanterns

10. Tools

11. Radio

12. Solar charger

13. Hand cranked battery charger


Warm Clothing

Last minute deals on warm clothing, marketed either as seasonal clothing or as gifts, make this time of year ideal for stockpiling winter clothing and gear. When buying clothing items for your family, remember to allow for growth of children and young adults. You may also want to stock a few extra sizes for bartering, or if you anticipate adding new members to your group.


14. Boots

15. Gloves

16. Hats

17. Scarves

18. Coats and jackets

19. Heavy duty socks

20. Thermal underwear and liners

21. Ear muffs


Stocking Stuffers and Office Gifts

Many smaller items that are marketed as stocking stuffers or packaged as office gifts can be very useful items to use for prepping.


22. Pocket warmers

23. Lighters

24. Head lamps

25. Bottle openers


Holiday Food

This time of year, there is an abundance of holiday food, as well as the ingredients to make holiday food; the choices may be overwhelming. Start with the items on this list. Add to it, if you find a particularly good deal on a shelf-stable favorite.

26. Hard candy (learn more about storing candy here)

27. Canned condensed milk

28. Canned pumpkin

29. Food Storage packages

30. Peanut butter

31. Dried fruit

32. Nut mixes

33. Canned and dehydrated soup

34. Sugar and spices

35. Potatoes (both whole and instant)

36. Dry-cured meats, such as salami




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