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There are a lot of good reasons to be a prepper in our world today. Let’s take a look at five of them.

1. The economics in our world are unstable. While it may be tempting to stick our fingers in our ears and sing to drown out reality (like many people we know do), the reality is that there has never been a time in our lifetime that our world and our government has been less stable. It would be foolhardy to just depend on Social Security to provide for your “golden years,” because that is becoming less and less reliable. Inflation is continuing and you should plan ahead. Many experts predict ongoing economic problems around the world. Of course, the experts don’t all agree, but why take a chance about something so important?

2. Unemployment can happen to anyone. The days of working for one company for forty years then retiring with a pension and a gold watch are probably over. There are many businesses closing down or downsizing and laying people off, and the percentage of those un- or underemployed continue to rise. Very few people are immune from joblessness and economic devastation. If you do have a job loss or other personal emergency, the stress will be a lot less if you have money saved, food stored, home remedies or medicines on hand (with knowledge of when and how to use them), and whatever else you can do to be prepared ahead.

3. The number and size of natural disasters are increasing. In the past few weeks, southern California has had a couple of earthquakes large enough to catch residents’ attention, and now California has a few wildfires to deal with, necessitating some mandatory evacuations. Many areas in the United States had freak ice storms or blizzards this winter, including St. George in southern Utah where snow falls so infrequently that they don’t even have snow plows – some people were unable to safely drive for several days. Texas had an ice storm that hampered normal life, closed down businesses and schools, and people were discouraged from leaving home if they didn’t really have to. It is important to evaluation your own situation and likely natural disasters you could be faced with, and take whatever precautions you can before something happens. If you’re in any of those areas, were you prepared?

4. Everyday life is simpler when you have food storage. Grocery shopping becomes planned and less chaotic, and you’ll make less extra trips to the store for just one or two things (saving time and money). If you’ve stored food, there will be something you can whip up quickly to feel your hungry family. It may not be gourmet, but you won’t starve, either.  Sure, you may still have an occasional extra trip to the store for milk or eggs (if you don’t have a goat, cow, or chickens) or fresh fruits and vegetables, but by and large, life will be easier.

5. There are people who love you and depend on you – your family – and they are counting on you to take good care of them and keep them safe. You’ve grown up. You can’t just think about yourself anymore – It’s time to think about the future (for yourself and your family) and what you want it to be. What will it look like? Will it be chaotic and stressed? Or will you prepare, giving yourself peace of mind – can anyone put a price on that?

BOTTOM LINE: It’s smart to be a prepper. We don’t know how or when we will need what we’ve prepared, but if we plan ahead, we will definitely be better off than if we don’t. We could face a major natural or national disaster, or maybe a personal setback with a job loss or health problem. The best thing to do is to be prepared as best we can, for whatever life can throws at us.


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