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“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.”


Fall is coming, and along with it comes the realization that both of my children will be moving out and starting life on their own. I can’t help but wonder and worry a little bit if I have taught them well. Have I told them everything they need to know to be happy? Have I taught them to be confident, even in the face of doubt? I guess only time will tell. But really? Do I need to wait and see, or do I already have the answer to that question?

Folks, I come from five generations of teachers. If there’s one piece of fruit that’s bounced down to my branch, it is that one must do before they demonstrate. Let me hijack another overused idiom to say it another way: great teachers always practice what they preach.

Now I’ve never been the quickest horse in the stable, but the one thing I know about being a parent is that kids always see much better than they hear, so regardless of what we say, what we do may be the only thing they hear. So after some deliberation and a few texts to my mother (the master teacher), I’ve come up with 5 things we can do to prepare our children for a life of self-reliance, confidence and happiness.

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I dare you… 

5 Tips for Raising Self-Reliant Children


1.  Define – Security begins and ends with knowing who you are. A clear definition of what is right and wrong enables confident decisions even in the face of uncertainty.

A self-reliant individual has a clear definition of his or her belief system and values.

2.  Lead – This is a hard one. People often confuse parenting with leading, but they’re not the same and this is why. How many times to we hear people blaming teachers for this and blaming the cops for that and blaming the government for everything else?

Self-reliant people actively teach their children the difference between right and wrong.  They do not depend on others when it comes to this critical lesson. They do it themselves in thoughts, words and action.

3.  Play the Part – This one is simple. Be the person you want your children to be. Honest parents make honest children. Caring parents make caring children.

Self-reliant people let their actions speak for themselves. They understand that children see better than they hear and aren’t concerned about doing what they say, they just do what they do.

4.  Give them more than a name – A study published in Emory University’s online Journal of Family Life found kids who were well informed about their extended families and family history showed “higher levels of emotional well-being, and also higher levels of identity achievement.”

Self-reliant kids know their names. They know the people who made the name and they have a connection with them.

(My grandfather, Lt. John Batterton a veteran of the First World War used to always tell me, “Always remember where you came from, boy. You’ll need those roots to be strong when life’s storms try to blow you away.” He was right, as usual.)

5.  Be Grateful – Being grateful is perhaps one of the most important things my parents taught me. Gratitude has given me humility, a sense of value, and an understanding of the power of helping others.

Self-reliant people are grateful. They express their gratitude freely and without reserve. They understand that through gratitude they learn the value of service as well as the necessities of community and working together for mutually beneficial ends.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. Teach your children and prepare them well. We live in an increasingly dangerous world, and it will take people of exceeding character and will to return this country to the greatness that we all once knew.

Stay safe. Prepare your family. Teach a valuable skill to your children.


Jax Finn

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