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The following seven items must be stockpiled now for emergency survival. Some of them are already becoming less available.


Most preppers know that you must stockpile food, water and ammunition as insurance in case of disaster, but there are other items that are important to have as well. Go through the list and make sure you have enough stock in the following areas.


Paper Books


Electronic books, although more popular than ever, will be useless when global disaster strikes. Paper books, on the other hand will become valuable. Read this article. It explains it all.


Reading Glasses and Contact Lenses


It doesn’t matter whether you need them now or not. Reading glasses are a valuable resource to stock. Relatively inexpensive, you can pick up several pairs for very little investment. Not only can reading glasses act as insurance for your vision as you age, but they can be powerful bartering tools WTSHTF. If you need contacts, stock those, too. Read this article for more about vision and prepping. 


Aluminum Foil


It surprises me that people don’t stock more of this stuff. While aluminum foil is recognized by some preppers as useful to have, I have included it here because I panic at the thought that most of us either don’t stock enough it or stock it at all. Did you know that you can even use it to attract fish? Read this article to learn more.




Aside from the obvious function, tampons have a number of survival uses. Sterile, ultra-absorbent, and usually packaged in waterproof wrappings, they have been used by medics for wound care for many years. Other applications include emergency water filtration, fire tinder, cordage and more.


Baking Soda


Baking soda will do everything from extinguishing a fire to cleaning clothes and teeth. Some research indicates that it may also be extremely valuable as a medication in a disaster situation, protecting kidneys and other tissues from toxins, and minimizing flu symptoms.


Dryer Sheets


While having the nicest smelling laundry in the group may not be a priority WTSHTF, being able to keep bugs away may. Some brands of dryer sheets can repel bugs, which is important if you want to protect your skin and protect any fresh meat, wild game or other food you prepare outside. Most preppers prefer Bounce.


Cat Litter


Cat litter can be used to help deal with human waste, add traction to your vehicles in slippery situations, clean up oil spills, and keep your supplies and equipment dry. For this last use, lay your items on top of a bed of cat litter. The litter will absorb moisture and keep the damp away from your stuff.

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