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Who doesn’t love secret compartments? Whether it’s the huge passageways tucked behind some discreet corner, or a tiny pocket in a jacket; it’s absolutely delightful to hide things away.

Book safes have been used since time immemorial to stash things away, whether they are keys to a safe, treasure maps, a private document, or perhaps a gun. Of course, you could also stuff some cash in there, or a hammer for tunneling to freedom in the event you are imprisoned. The possibilities are endless.

They aren’t just cool things to posses but also make for super cheap and unique gifts, if money is tight in the season of giving. Supplies cost almost nothing and it takes about an hour or two to create this gift.  This gift would come in handy if a natural disaster was to strike and you were at home (assuming your house is still intact), as it contains several basic survival tools; the creative storage is just an added bonus, for those who like a little mystery.

For this project, find a book that no one wants. Vintage is best and is easily purchased for a dollar or two. The bigger the book, the more you can pack into it, but the more time it’ll take to carve out.


  1. A book
  2. Box cutter,
  3. Brush
  4. Glue
  5. Ruler
  6. Pen


  1. Mark off a few pages in the front. You don’t want to hack the whole book up. The first few pages should remain untouched.
  2. Brush glue on the pages and press it firmly until the glue dries up.
  3. Use the ruler and pen to mark and draw the outline of your compartment and get cutting.

After you’re done cutting, brush some glue on the inside of the cut pages and let it dry. It’s a good idea to glue some felt on the inside to cover the ragged edges.

Stuffing for your book safe

Below is a list of some basics that all kits carry and can easily fill your book safe.

1. Signal mirror

Find a mirror, any mirror that will fit in your newly made safe to reflect the sun.

2. Something orange

Anything that is bright orange will stand out. An orange handkerchief or bandana will do the trick.

3. Fire starter

Starting and maintaining a fire, could spell the difference between life and death. Wooden “strike anywhere” matches should do the trick.

4. Cash
Emergencies aren’t always the kind that involve survival tools.  Sometimes, a little extra cash, hidden away in a safe place can come in handy.

It is important to have several survival kits throughout your home to ensure easy access in times of emergency.  If you only have one kit in the house, and that area is not accessible, you could be in trouble. The general rule when it comes to survival, is the better prepared you are, the higher your chances of surviving whatever situation you find yourself in. Remember, nothing says “You’re presence in the world is important.” better than a survival kit.


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