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Fathers naturally do everything they can to take care of their families. Prepping for doomsday is no exception. It is just one more way that they protect and foster those they love.

I want to share some special tips for dads who want to prepare for survival. Of course, although this is geared for the special concerns and time commitments of most fathers, anyone, dad or not, can take advantage of this advice. 

Involve the Whole Family

When it comes to being prepared for emergencies, a clever dad knows that it is important to involve the whole family. Teaching your children (and perhaps your spouse) the valuable skills and important knowledge they need is the main reason to get the family involved.

There is a second reason, though. The more family members who are involved, the quicker things can get done. Make sure to give age-appropriate tasks to prevent frustration.

Take Advantage of Convenient Short Cuts

Most dads have a lot on their plates and not enough time to do everything in an average day. Getting time to relax is even more difficult. It is tempting to put emergency prepping on hold or make it low on the priority list, but dads can benefit when they work smarter and not harder.

Taking advantage of short cuts can help with prepping. Instead of assembling bug out kits and bags yourself, purchase them already completed. You can always add personal items as needed and get this task off of your list in a third of the time. The same goes for food storage units, first aid kits and many other needs for family preparation.

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Incorporate “Stocking-Up” Into Your Regular Routines

Another way to prep for survival while raising a busy family is to incorporate your stock up and preparation plans into your regular routines. For example, if you are driving in the car with your family, you can review your reaction plans for various emergencies. This will keep everything fresh in everyone’s mind as well as offering the opportunity for updates as needed.

If you are out shopping, take advantage of the ready availability of supplies and pick up extra items for emergency prep, from lanterns and tools to food and first aid supplies. You are already out running errands anyway, right? A few more items in your cart won’t take up much time.

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