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Some people ask why eFoods Direct doesn’t provide basic cooking supplies. The answer is that it is often easier and more economical for you to purchase a few items yourself. Here are a few things that you should consider purchasing along with your one-year supply preparations. (Quantities suggested are for one person for one year.)

  • Store 25 pounds of SUGAR (or honey) for each adult. Sugar is heavy and  shipping costs are more than it’s worth paying for. Sugar in self-storing and generally does not spoil.
  • Store 200 lbs. of whole WHEAT per adult. Hard white or hard red winter wheat is best. Wheat, just like sugar, is heavy and shipping costs become excessive. Always avoid storing flour due to rancidity and infestation.
  • Store SALT (10 lbs.) and SEASONINGS in accord with your personal  preferences. These are also self-storing.
  • Store the three primary RAISING INGREDIENTS—baking powder (2 lbs.), baking soda (2 lbs.), and dry yeast (2 lbs.). Replace these according to expiration dates.
  • Store COOKING OIL (2 gal.)—the same brand and the same size bottles that you are accustomed to using. Unopened cooking oil has about a 2-year shelf life.

11 Responses to “Additional Items for a One-Year Supply”

  1. Bill

    Stock up on these items as well as efoods products and you will be golden!!

  2. Reed

    I had started to store these items but I didn’t even think about salt and spices. I will be doing
    that next.

  3. Tiffany James

    Great to know, the’re is alot to consider when making preparations for the future.

  4. Donna

    Just want to ask how to package flour, sugar, etc. for storage, Does climate control come
    into it, also shelf life in storing these essentials? With the price of our goods sky rocketing
    I also like to pick things up while still have some money put aside for this where I can stock more essentials.

    • eFoodsDirect

      Hi Donna,
      Yes climate control is important. Flour, for instance, will store quite well if it is in an airtight container in a cool, dark location. It will last up to 8 months that way, at least. Some people like to put the flour in the freezer for 2 days to kill any potential insects in the flour. You can also freeze flour long-term; put it in an airtight freezer-safe bag/container and remove as much air as possible. Sugar keeps forever because it does not support microbial growth but it needs to stay dry. Honey must stay dry and air-tight and it will keep for a long time as well. (Did you know you can put a piece of bread in with your brown sugar to keep the sugar soft?)

      • Kevin

        I have stored flour for over a year if you have the freezer room. I do this to all my flour for at least a month it helps get rid of the bug eggs that can taint flour.

  5. robert greene

    how can this stuff be cooked in a disaster.i have tried the sample package afew years ago and the food was verry good.

  6. Doris E. Pryor

    If you store flour, cornmeal, grits and oatmeal in a mylar bag, (keeping the oxygen out,) will it keep longer? If so, how long? Any additional remarks on this subject are welcome.

  7. jim hadlock

    One food item that comes in handy for everything from pancakes to bread to tanning hides is sourdough starter. Just remember to have 2 jars going at the same time in case something happens to one.

  8. Richard Rock

    Put nitrogen, its not flamable, into mylar bags to push out the oxygen, with no oxygen insects can’t breath and die. I put up food in metal cans, size 1 and 2 1/2 with a canning machine. They are a little expensive, but it will pay for itself very quickly, and you can put up foods you can’t buy. Buy bulk at wholesale places or find a Mormon Church which has a canner for use.

  9. Kathryn P. Underwood

    We have a wood burning fireplace. I have cast iron skillets and pots but need something to set them on over the fire. What kind of old fashioned pot hangar or other items can I buy so I can cook meals in it. It has a grate for the wood. Also, is there such a thing as an insert oven so I can bake bread? This is the first time I have been to this web site so I may have missed the answers to my questions.Thanks. KPU