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When it comes to food storage, we have a lot of options. eFoods Direct sells freeze-dried entrees (like Beef Stroganoff with Pasta), soups (Cheddar Broccoli), as well as many other food products like biscuit mixes (Delicious Buttermilk Biscuits). But there are other types of foods that can be stored. From the grocery story, we can buy canned goods, like canned corn and green beans or we can food ourselves in mason jars like my mother did.

Should we purchase canned food from the grocery store for food storage? Sure, as any food storage is better than nothing. But be aware that the cans you get from the grocery store won’t last +25 years, so if you want your food storage to last longer than a few years, cans are probably not be your best bet. But they can often be a good price. Generally at least a couple of times a year, our local grocery stores have a “case lot sale,” where their canned goods and some other products (like soup mixes and pasta) are at discounted prices. Recently, we bought peaches, pears and tomato juice at our local case lot sale.

On the other hand, dehydrated or freeze-dried foods have some distinct benefits. Since the moisture has been removed, it weighs much less — and that is a huge benefit, especially if we have to leave our homes for safety’s sake. For example, a 50-pound bag of potatoes would be near impossible for any of us to carry along with a bug-out bag, but that 50 pound bag of potatoes, once dehydrated, weighs less than 3 pounds. All of us can carry 3 pounds and that amount of potatoes would feed a family for a while, so in our efforts of trying to prepare, having a sufficient amount of dehydrated foods is critical

Regardless of the price we pay or the way the food is preserved, it is important to have food we will eat in food storage, since buying food which we don’t like won’t help us much because we won’t want to eat it (or, in some cases, won’t even be able to eat it — like 100% whole wheat bread, where if you aren’t used to it, it is rough on the digestive system). Buying foods we eat is important, but having food that will store for years is also critical. Freeze-dried and dehydrated foods last for much longer than the canned foods from a grocery store. And the biggest benefit of all: They are much more lightweight. All you need is water to re-hydrate them and they are good as new!

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