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Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are highly debated. Some people are completely against it, some for it, and others do not even know it exists. So, the question is: what is the debate and why is it important to avoid genetically modified organisms?

What are GMOs?

GMOs are created by genetically modifying seeds before planting them. This is done by actually altering the DNA of a crop plant for human or animal consumption, called bio-engineering or genetic engineering. The reason for the modification is to add extra nutrients or make the crops resistant to herbicides and bugs that might attack it. A farmer could spray its whole crop for weeds and never have to worry about killing the harvest with it.

Pros and Cons

There are actually a good number of positive things that come from GMOs. Since the crop is almost immune to attacks from bugs, GMO harvests are usually much larger than others. The seeds can be altered to provide more nutritional content, and it is easier to produce full crops to feed more people for less money. These huge advantages could help fight world hunger, in theory.

On the other hand, greedy businesspeople would never really allow for this invention to help feed the world! They just want to make more money! The biggest problem with GMOs is that there have been no studies indicating the health effects of the food. We could be hurting ourselves without even realizing it. Then there is the fact that farmers are coating their crop with extra herbicides since it will not kill the crop. Who knows what that is doing to us! When we use GMOs, we are letting the big companies test their products on us and hoping that the side effects are not negative.

Political Debate

Another thing that concerns people is the legal battles associated with GMO food. Monsanto pioneered the process of producing GMO seeds, but it has been involved in many legal battles over it. If a non-GMO farm is positioned next to one that uses GMO plants, it is possible for the seeds to blow over to the non-GMO farm because of wind patterns. Rather than recognizing that they cannot do anything about this natural issue, Monsanto sues the non-GMO farmers for not paying them but reaping the benefits of the seeds. These farmers had no intention of stealing the seeds or using them, but Monsanto does not care. At the very least, even if there were no other issues with the GMO seeds, they, create quite a bit of contention in the courts.

Why does eFoods NOT use GMOs?

Here at eFoods, we believe that our food should be as healthy and delicious as possible. When it comes to taste, GMO-Free food will not taste any different, but it does have a distinct advantage: it is all-natural. Though there is debate as to whether or not GMOs are bad for one’s health, we know for sure that it is not natural. We want to keep anything unnatural or potentially hazardous to one’s health out of our foods. That is why all of our growers have committed to only produce non-GMO seeds for us! That means you can feel safe knowing the food we sell is as healthy as it can be!

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