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Silver MoleculeThe short answer is no. As to why, there are a few things you should know about.

• Silver acts as a catalyst and disables a particular enzyme within various pathogens (anaerobic bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and molds) that is required for proper cellular function, thereby rendering them ineffective or just dead. It  does this by scavenging electrons from the target organisms.

• Silver must come in direct contact with the target organism(s) to be effective. It is therefore important that the silver particle be stable enough to stay in solution for as long as possible.

• Silver is very effective in lower concentrations. Studies show that concentrations as low as 15-25 ppm (parts per million) produce the most beneficial results.

There are three kinds of silver commercially available today in the food supplement market:

1. Ionic

• Oldest and most common

• Made from diluting chemical forms of silver like silver nitrate

• Has the smallest particle size, but also is the least stable and typically falls out of suspension.

• Only has one electron acceptor and once it is filled, the particle is neutralized and is no longer of benefit.

2. Ionic silver bound to a protein

• Still an ionic form of silver.

• Attachment to protein molecule makes it more stable, but less functional than even the pure ionic silver.

• All ionic forms of silver are metabolized by the body, and as a result can bind up in the soft tissues. Over time, this can result in a condition known as Argyria (blue man’s syndrome), a purely cosmetic, but permanent, bluing of the skin.

3. The patented ACTIVZ Metallic Silver Nano Particle (+Ag4O4)

• Unique coating makes it very attractive to water, making it very stable and bioavailable while in solution.

• Because each molecule has multiple electron acceptor sites, it has the ability to remain active for much longer than conventional ionic silver, thereby taking less and doing more.

If you have been looking for a reason to begin supplementing your diet with colloidal silver, here it is. There is simply not a better, more effective nano-silver on the market. ACTIVZ Silver Dental Gel is the first step to better dental health and over-all wellness. Get yours now by calling 1-800-810-4440 or visiting ACTIVZ Dental Tooth Gel.

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