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Are you prepared to survive a nuclear war or World War III conducted by conventional military means? International headlines indicate we all should be reviewing our long-term storage food, water, and other preparedness stockpiles. A “beefing up” of the Russian military coincides with a vow by Vladimir Putin to possess the strongest army in the world by 2020. North Korea has resumed production at its nuclear bomb fuel plants and announced plans to launch a “banned long-range missile” as part of a celebration of a communist party 70th anniversary celebration on October 10.

Threats seem to abound at every turn. The Harbinger warns of a significant economic collapse threat in September. Warnings from Lebanon claim that 2 of every 100 Syrian refugees are trained ISIS fighters, and now both Russia and North Korea are posturing and threatening to destroy the United States.

“World War III,” “New Cold War,” and “new arms race” are phrases that are constantly being brought up by news pundits attempting to predict the outcome of the rest of 2015. Threats of a TEOTWAWKI event such as a nuclear war initiated by North Korea or a Red Dawn style conventional warfare attack by Russia should prompt us all to take a long, hard look at our survival skills and stockpiles. Indeed, we may need to stretch our prepping budget a bit further than normal in the coming months.

According to a release by the North Korea state media on September 15, the rogue nation is “fully ready” to defend itself against the United States, or any other enemy, that might “persistently seek their reckless hostile policy towards the [North] and behave mischievously.” The plutonium and highly enriched uranium facilities that allegedly existed at the massive Nyongbyon nuclear plant have been moved and rearranged, according to the same state media announcement.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin is spending millions on modernizing his military forces. A second shocking September 15 news headline stated that Russia had acquired a significant number of unmanned field aircraft and aircraft that are designed to thwart U.S. stealth fighters. American Air Force General Frank Gorenc called the recent increases in equipment and technology in the Russian military “alarming.”

Putin has also threatened to use nuclear weapons in order to protect his nation from “American aggressors.” The leader of the former Soviet Union stated in April that he was willing to use whatever force is necessary, “up to and including nuclear war” to prevent any change of power on the Crimean peninsula.

Although President Obama chastised Mitt Romney over his “Cold War diplomacy” ideas during a presidential debate, it appears the failed Republican challenger may have been far more right than wrong on the topic.

The more we learn about the fallout from a nuclear weapon, the greater our chances of survival if North Korea, Russia, or any other enemy of the United States unleashes such a doomsday attack.

Nuclear War Preparedness Tips and Facts

  1. Get a Meter – An electroscope, or fallout meter, detects fluctuations in radiation readings. There are many such meters on the market, and they range greatly in both price and accuracy. The Kearny Fallout Meter (KFM) is often regarded as one of the most  accurate, affordable and simple to operate.
  2. Dietary Preps – As our mothers or health class teachers always told us, “You are what you eat.” Adapting our daily food intake to mirror an anti-radiation diet may help our bodies fight off the effects of a nuclear attack. Some foods are believed to help rid the human body of radiation after exposure. Foods that include rosemary, kelp, miso soup, niacin and spirulina all possess a high potassium count. The ability to fight off radiation sickness is reportedly enhanced by a high potassium diet. Include the following foods in both your annual plantings and when purchasing long-term storage food: bananas, potatoes, apples, pineapples, oranges, pomegranates and mushrooms that are black or brown in color. Reishi mushrooms are particularly recommended because of their high antioxidant content. Drinking black and green teas are also believed to help ward off radiation sickness. Teas that include dandelions, cumin, lentils, garlic, ginseng, mustard and collard greens as ingredients are also recommended as part of an anti-radiation diet. Some folks feel that drinking apple cider vinegar can also help flush radiation toxins from the body.
  3. Potassium Iodide – Purchase the tablets and store them in your home, bugout bag and at work. Make sure you know the proper amount that should be taken for the age and weight of everyone in your family. If you do not homeschool your children, you would have to break school rules and hide the tablets in your child’s backpack to allow immediate protection from radiation exposure if a nuclear disaster occurs while they are at school or at an extracurricular activity.
  4. Crop Preservation – Conventional wisdom states that if plants are exposed to radiation, they are not safe to eat. Some researchers believe it may be possible to salvage the yield if specific steps and precautions are taken. Radiation exposure might be fixable if the produce is thoroughly cleaned with calcium bentonite clay or baking soda, according to some researchers. Bentonite clay reportedly absorbs radiation and produces a strong negative ionic charge. Once the clay is activated by water, it allegedly works like a magnet and absorbs any substance with a positive ionic charge. If the calcium bentonite clay works as described, the produce can then be washed and the particles tainted with radiation will be removed. The Ready Nutrition website suggests mixing one part of the clay to eight parts purified water in a non-metallic bowl or tub. While wearing gloves, place the object exposed to radiation into the mixture and then cover it. After the produce has remained in the mixture for about 10 minutes, put on fresh gloves and rinse with more clean water; allow to dry thoroughly before eating. If using baking soda to attempt to clean radiation-exposed food, use equal parts water and baking soda and follow the same cleaning instructions as used with the bentonite clay.
  5. Gas Masks – Do not store the masks in one of your many prepping plastic tubs. They need to be immediately accessible and carried in your bugout or get-me-home bag, in your desk at work, and with your children wherever they go. Baby and youth sizes are available. Make sure the masks fit your children properly; kids grow quickly!
  6. Water Filtration –  A reverse osmosis water filter with a multitude of extra filtration cartridges is recommended. Increase bottled water storage and devise a wood or metal cover for wells that can also be protected by a layer of rubber padding or a tarp. Nuclear war or a nuclear disaster will likely occur without warning, so get in the habit of covering wells and ponds, if possible, on a nightly basis.


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