How to Turn grain into Bread

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This process is not for the faint of heart. It is a long and a difficult process that isn’t necessarily going to work the first time you try. It starts with whole grain seeds. This can be anything wheat, rye and barley ECT… Some of these will be more difficult to grow depending on where… Read more »

What is Bugging Out?

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Bugging out is basically leaving where you are and moving to a safer place with great speed. But before you leave you’ll want to take some survival things with you. There are some great products out there and you have a lot of things that you can choose from. Or you can build your own…. Read more »

“Winging It” is Not a Plan

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By eFoods Direct Think about a time in your life when you decided to just “wing it.” What was the circumstance? Was it a test in college that you never could bring yourself to study for, a project at home that you couldn’t be bothered to find out the right way to approach it, or… Read more »

Why Are Food Allergies on the Rise?

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Imagine sitting down for a nice breakfast with your family when all of sudden your child starts coughing up mucus, and then soon after is gasping for air. You try giving the child an antihistamine, but to no avail. The reaction continues. You race the child to the emergency room and by the time you… Read more »

Calories VS Nutrition

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my plate from choosemyplate.cgov

When you think of calories, you think of an ingredient in food. Actually, a calorie is a unit of heat energy. It is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by 1 °C. To put it mathematically, a calorie is equal to 4.1868 joules. Calories are essential for… Read more »

How Long Does It Really Take to Recover From a Natural Disaster?

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eFoods tornado touching down

Every year natural disasters strike, such as hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, and tornadoes. For those disasters whose severity is devastating and widespread, such as Hurricane Sandy and the tsunami that ravaged Japan in 2011, national news outlets broadcast multiple stories giving everyone a glimpse into their destruction. However, after the floodwaters have receded or the… Read more »

Tornado Season Hitting Hard

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Dust Bowl

Tornado season is here, which means people are devastated all over the country. Families in Moore, Oklahoma that were hit recently with the large tornado that destroyed their homes and families. The disaster efforts have been huge. Everyone in the country has rallied together to help them rebuild their homes. Families who were prepared with… Read more »

So How Do You Feel About Donkey?

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If you thought it disconcerting that horse meat was found in hamburgers sold in the United Kingdom, consider the hapless South Africans. Last month, citizens of that former Dutch colony learned that the great majority of beef burgers and sausage sold in grocery stores there were found to contain the flesh of donkey, goat and… Read more »