A GIft For Your Heart This Valentine’s Day

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heart of raspberries

Apart from the heart-shaped cards, cookies, and candy, February also happens to be American Heart Month. This means that while we are busy eating chocolates and making Valentine’s cards, there might just be a different kind of heart we should spend some time considering. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease… Read more »

Influenza and You, What to Do?

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woman sneezing

At the beginning of this month, I was making my final preparations to return to college after the winter break. While I was worried about starting new classes and buying new textbooks, my mother had another concern on her mind. She was adamant that I get a flu shot before returning to college. I was… Read more »

Be Prepared for the Little Things

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eFoods morning rush

World events lately have reminded us of the importance of being prepared for the big emergencies like natural disasters. However, we often overlook the smaller, daily emergencies that can be just as distressing if not properly prepared for. The “little emergencies” that you might consider preparing for depend on your stage in life, but here… Read more »

The Convenience of Fast Food…At What Cost?

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eFoods Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

It turns out that Thanksgiving is not the only food related holiday in November. Last Friday, November 16, was National Fast Food day. This holiday certainly does not hold the same traditional and historical significance as Thanksgiving, but the fact that it exists at all says something about the growing role fast food plays in… Read more »

Peachy Keen

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peaches efoods

I recently spent the weekend at my parents’ home in Salt Lake City, Utah. While I was in their backyard visiting with my sisters and my nieces, I noticed that the lawn was absolutely covered in peaches. I thought about this delicious little fruit that is so often overshadowed by your typical apples and oranges,… Read more »