The List No One Thought to Check Twice

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Our hearts go out to the victims in San Bernardino, California. This was a coordinated attack that smacks of the Islamic State…and it will get worse, much worse long before it gets any better. Coordinated being the operative word. Look friends, these people are coming after us. They believe it is their duty to actively… Read more »

Don’t Tell Me I’m not Prepared.

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Well, it seems that everyone is talking about it now, thanks to an article written by Kathryn Shultz and published on yesterday. It’s the talk of the town, especially if your town happens to be located somewhere along the Pacific Northwest shoreline. The Really Big One is a detailed article about an area off… Read more »

The Graduation Gift that Made People Gasp!

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Daughter 9mm

Wow, where did the time go?  It seems like just yesterday that I was bouncing my baby girl on my knee and now she is a high school graduate.  I can hardly believe we made it through it…the diapers, the ponytails, the dresses…and the BOYS.  Oh the boys.  We have been preparing for this time… Read more »

Conversation with a True Survivalist

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Jax Looking Up

You know, there aren’t many mornings that I come into my office and see an email in my inbox from perhaps one of the biggest names in the preparedness game telling me to expect a call from him within minutes! But sure enough, a few minutes later my phone rang and it was none other… Read more »

From the Desk of Jax Finn – The Mini-Farm Grow Box

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guy thinking

Ahhh…spring has finally sprung and it’s time to get those seeds into the ground! Having grown up planting gardens every year…I have developed a real taste for fresh out-of-the-garden fruits and veggies…especially strawberries. Unfortunately for me…I’ve never had much luck with growing strawberries in my current location. My soil is too alkaline and is home… Read more »