No more winter, please. I HAVE SPRING FEVER!

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Jax Head on Desk

Springtime is always the time of the year I have the greatest motivation to prepare.  I start going down my “honey-do” list of seasonal cleaning and organization and inevitably this leads me bigger and better changes I want to make to my food storage supply and my family’s disaster preparedness regiment. I realize for many… Read more »

eFoods Direct Offers New Silver Dental Gel

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EFOODSDIRECT OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE eFoods Direct Offers New Silver Dental Gel by Activz Whole-Food Nutrition eFoods Direct announces expanded product line with Activz Silver Dental Gel.  eFoods Direct offers new superior option for natural tooth and gum care with the advanced nano-silver formula of Activz Silver Dental Gel. Salt Lake City, Utah – February 2015 – eFoodsDirect today announced… Read more »

5 Reasons Food Storage is Still a Good Idea… Even though the “Stuff” hasn’t yet hit the fan.

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Yesterday, I Googled the phrase “food storage” and was absolutely amazed with the results. Everything on the front page had something to do with disasters, famine, government conspiracies or believe it or not … the apocalypse. Taken at face value, yes, having a store of food handy during a natural disaster or something like that… Read more »

FEMA’s Alarming Request to Food Storage Manufacturers

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Today I was making my normal rounds through the industry blogosphere and I stumbled on an article written by Dean Garrison back in August of last year entitled, “Is Disaster Looming? FEMA in a Rush to Get Survival Foods…Requesting a 24 Hour Turnaround” that at first glance seemed a bit incredulous…to say the least. Little… Read more »

NASA: Major Droughts Threaten Food Supply, Global Security

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According to a report written by James Famiglietti, a leading hydrologist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and published in the Nature Climate Change Journal, recent satellite imagery shows that nearly all of the major aquifers underlying the world’s great agricultural regions are being depleted at “…alarming rates.“ Declining water storage in California as seen by NASA’s Gravity Recovery and… Read more »

Science Behind Nano Ag+ (Silver) Technology

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Last week, one of our bloggers submitted an article on our new product Activz Nano Silver and it struck one of my proverbial cords.  Having spent the majority of my adult life working in dental science and being privy to some powerful research showing incredible things about the ability of this tiny particle to beat down the bacteria that… Read more »