Protecting your Preparations: Defense options – Big Dogs

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When I was a teenager, my dad acquired a vacant house in not-the-best neighborhood.  He tried to fix it up so that he could sell it, but anytime he would purchase supplies, local gangs would steal the materials and vandalize the house.  Dad replaced broken windows and missing supplies over and over again.  Eventually, he… Read more »

Protecting Your Preparations: Plan to Share

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dinner together

When it comes to preserving your preparations, your first line of defense will probably be keeping quiet.  Hiding your stuff and keeping quiet about it will keep you from becoming an easy target when the going gets tough.  Your second method for preserving your preparations doesn’t really sound like a method for preserving preparations at… Read more »

Protecting Your Preparations – Keep Quiet, part 2

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[This article is part of a series.  Did you complete the “Hiding Stuff Interview” last time?  If not, you may want to do that first.] As I mentioned, when it comes to protecting your preparations by “keeping quiet” there are three real options: hiding things at your home, hiding things away from your home, and… Read more »

Protecting your Preparations: Keep Quiet, part I.

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making a list

As you begin to plan your strategy for protecting your preparations, the first (and most basic) option is to keep quiet.  For the purposes of our discussion, keeping quiet includes three options: hiding your stuff at your home, hiding your stuff outside your home, and hiding your stuff by not talking about it.  Today we’ll… Read more »

Earthquake Tomorrow!

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I’ve been seeing some advertising around for the Great Utah ShakeOut, which is basically a giant, statewide earthquake drill.  It’s happening tomorrow (April 17th) at 10:15 am and supposedly almost a million people have registered stating that they will participate: about 16 thousand people and families are participating on their own; 382 whole schools; 208… Read more »

Do you need a generator?

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eFoods highway

Have you thought about adding a generator to your emergency preparations?  If you’re just getting started with emergency preparedness, you’ll want to start with more important things (like food and water), but at some point, you may wonder if a generator is right for you. In this post, I’ll cover some basic things you’ll want… Read more »