The Second Best Way to Celebrate Daylight Savings

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The best way to celebrate Daylight Savings is to adjust your clocks (unless you live somewhere sensible, like Arizona). This is important because it will affect whether or not you are on time for important things. The second best way to celebrate Daylight Savings is to use it as a “preparedness maintenance” holiday. If you… Read more »

The Essential Emergency Supply You May Be Forgetting

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No matter what kind of emergency you’re preparing for, I hope sensible shoes are part of your plan.  It’s easy to think about the day-to-day necessities, and you’ll definitely need food and water, so it’s worth stocking up on those.  Certainly, when your emergency first hits, you’ll need to deal with some basic things in… Read more »

Preparedness Volunteer Opportunities, part II

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Last time I wrote about a few community-based volunteer opportunities for people who are interested in helping others prepare.  Local opportunities are great because many emergencies affect particular regions. There are other types of preparedness volunteer opportunities that are not location based, and these may be what you’re looking for.

Preparedness Volunteer Opportunities, part I

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The truth is, we can only do so much to prepare on our own, and the more prepared other people around us are, the better off we’ll be in an emergency situation.  So, if there is a way to aide our community in preparation efforts, it will only enhance our personal preparedness. Today we’ll look… Read more »

Survival Goats: The Easy Alternative to Keeping a Family Cow

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After you have a flock of Preparedness Chickens, you may want to consider adding dairy goats to your preparations.  Although dairy goats are not currently popular in the United States, historically goats have been widely used for meat, milk, hair, skin, driving, and packing.  Goats are still especially popular in less-developed areas. Goat milk is… Read more »