Everyday Bartering

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eFoods graduation

Last time, I wrote about why bartering is important for emergencies.  Here is how you can get started: 1. Think about what you have to offer. This can be just about anything!  You can contribute skills, time, objects, or anything else you can think of.  Consider what you do for work, things you do as… Read more »

Best. Snack. Ever.

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A while ago Rock wrote a really interesting post about bananas, and toward the end he mentioned the eFoods Direct Tropical Fruit Medley.  He called it “absolutely addicting” as a snack.  I value his opinions, so I checked it out online.

Storing Wood or Coal

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We’ve been discussing fuel storage for quite some time now.  We’ve looked at storing gasoline, propane, kerosene, white gas, and butane.  Today we’re going consider wood and coal as emergency fuels! Wood and coal are still a pretty common way to store fuel.  If you have campfires or barbecue much, you may use them pretty… Read more »

Food Storage for Restricted Diets, part I

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When you’re dealing with a restricted diet, accumulating food storage becomes kind of tricky. My husband and I avoid most processed foods, as many additives make him very sick. Other people avoid gluten, dairy, soy, genetically modified foods, coloring, etc. It’s all the same challenge: Companies want their food to taste good while they also want to… Read more »