Storing Gasoline?

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gasoline container

Storing gasoline seems to make a lot of sense.  Gas prices keep rising, and if you believe we’ve hit peak oil—which we probably have—prices could go up exponentially.  Conflict in the Middle East continues, and that could lead to diminished supply of oil.

How to Turn Off Your Gas

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IMPORTANT: It’s very simple to turn off your gas, but the gas company must come out to turn it back on, so don’t actually turn your gas off unless it is an emergency!

Preparing for a Fire

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For a little while when I was growing up, my sister and I shared an apartment-type building that was behind our family’s main house.  One time, one of our younger brothers was in our room playing with matches and he caught our room on fire!  We had a curtain hanging in the middle of the… Read more »

Preparing for an Earthquake

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My family always lived in southern California when I was growing up, so I have many, many memories of earthquakes.  In southern California, people expect earthquakes, so they prepare for them!  There are special building codes to keep structures from collapsing. Kids have earthquake drills in school.