Pests in the Pantry – Keeping Your Food Storage Critter-Free

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Now that you’ve gone to considerable expense to acquire your family’s emergency food storage, it would be a crying shame to lose even a small portion of it to those nasty little critters that love to get into our pantries. Even the newest and tightest homes have small cracks and gaps that allow pests to… Read more »

Real-Life Emergencies: Preparedness for the Less-Than-Worst-Case Scenario

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Let’s face it – when most of us think about emergency preparedness, we are worrying about something akin to the fearsome (and somewhat unlikely) zombie apocalypse, a total government breakdown, another eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano, or a killer asteroid. We probably aren’t thinking much about the more everyday types of emergencies that throw our… Read more »

The Prepper’s Kitchen: Emergency Food is Just the Beginning

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Once you have a good start on putting your emergency food stores together, you might think that you are all set for whatever crises come your way. But you’re actually just beginning. One of the most important aspects of emergency preparedness is ensuring that you will be able to prepare and use the food and… Read more »