Hunting for Protein Sources?

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No tracking, shooting, or cleaning required. Ready-made meals from eFoods Direct are a great way to store food. Along with those, it’s great to store basic items such as flour (or whole wheat and a grinder), oats and rice. These staples will cover you when it comes to getting carbohydrates, but what about protein? Unless… Read more »

School Procedures and Preparations

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school emergency pages

It’s important that we know what the emergency preparedness plans are at any schools that we are associated with, whether your children go there, you work at a school, or there’s one in your neighborhood. It would be good to know what to expect in an emergency. I wrote previously about what I found for emergencies at… Read more »

The Personal and Community Value in Having First Responder and/or Red Cross Training

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Everyone should consider doing their local First Responder Training and/or the Red Cross Certification Training, but why? First of all, “First Responder Training” comes in several forms. In some areas, it is called just that: First Responder Training. In other areas, it goes by other names. In my area, it is called Community Emergency Response… Read more »

The Importance of Finding Like-Minded People

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In a terrible scenario of an economic collapse or some type of natural or man-made disaster, will we wish we had a bug out location, food storage, weapons to protect ourselves, garden seeds, and access to water. But that’s not all. You may think you’ll be self-sufficient. But that won’t work. FEMA is not the… Read more »