Understanding Terms for Seeds and Gardens

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When it comes to seeds and gardening, you’ve probably heard the terms “heirloom”, “organic”, “GMO”, “non-gmo”, “hybrid”, and more. Here are the basics of what those terms mean and what you should have to be able to feed yourself and your family. Heirloom – it means the original seeds our great, great, great, grandparents used to… Read more »

Secret Gardens: A Lifesaver?

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A secret garden? What does that mean? Why start one? A secret garden in today’s terms means a garden that is started and maintained in the wilderness, one that most people wouldn’t recognize if they came across it, nor is it found from the sky with a helicopter or drone (in other words, there aren’t… Read more »

Matches – “Strike on Box” vs “Strike Anywhere” – Who’s the boss?

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When a catastrophe happens, it won’t be enough to just have some food storage on hand. There are many other things we need, including boxes of matches to start a fire so we can get warm, cook food, warm water to wash dishes, etc. But there are two types of matches. Do you know which… Read more »

Why FEMA Isn’t Coming to Save You – Relying on Yourself

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If there is an emergency, FEMA will be there soon to help, right? Those who hope or want FEMA to come save them in an emergency during a big crisis are kidding themselves. FEMA couldn’t handle the New Orleans disaster from Hurricane Katrina – it took them forever to get there, and the help they… Read more »

Timeline of a Natural Disaster – The Golden Hour

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In emergency medicine, the first 60 minutes directly following a traumatic injury is known as the Golden Hour. This is the time period in which a patient’s chances for survival are greatest when proper care is administered. Surviving both the critical event of a natural disaster and the chaos thereafter is not dissimilar. How you… Read more »