Advantages of Freeze-dried and Dehydrated Food Storage

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When it comes to food storage, we have a lot of options. eFoods Direct sells freeze-dried entrees (like Beef Stroganoff with Pasta), soups (Cheddar Broccoli), as well as many other food products like biscuit mixes (Delicious Buttermilk Biscuits). But there are other types of foods that can be stored. From the grocery story, we can buy… Read more »

Why FEMA Isn’t Coming to Save You – Relying on Yourself

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If there is an emergency, FEMA will be there soon to help, right? Those who hope or want FEMA to come save them in an emergency during a big crisis are kidding themselves. FEMA couldn’t handle the New Orleans disaster from Hurricane Katrina – it took them forever to get there, and the help they… Read more »

Timeline of a Natural Disaster – The Golden Hour

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In emergency medicine, the first 60 minutes directly following a traumatic injury is known as the Golden Hour. This is the time period in which a patient’s chances for survival are greatest when proper care is administered. Surviving both the critical event of a natural disaster and the chaos thereafter is not dissimilar. How you… Read more »

Asking the Right Questions about Preparedness

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Preparing for an emergency can seem overwhelming. There are many things to buy, gather and plan. You might have help from family members in doing these, or you might be doing them alone. But with so many things to do before you feel prepared for whatever nature or man will throw at you, being organized… Read more »