Should Prepper Parents Homeschool Their Kids?

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Help us make a decision. The pros and cons of homeschooling as a prepper family. Each August, we have the usual chat about homeschooling. We consider it every year, whether the pros outweigh the cons, if it is right for just one child, two or all three? Since both my husband and I both currently… Read more »

What Urban Legends Can Teach Us About Prepping

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Urban legends

It might surprise you to know that the original fairy tales did not usually have happy endings. Fraught with tragedy, violence and sometimes shiver inducing morals, these stories were meant to teach a lesson or two about the dangers of the world and how bad things can happen to those caught unawares. The same can… Read more »

The Snack Cake that Eats Your Brain

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You may think you are just heading to the local grocery store to pick up Cheerios, but they’ve already gotten into your brain. Going to the supermarket for one thing, even whole-grain, healthy-ish Cheerios, and emerging with a whole cart full of stuff is a collective experience. It just seems to happen in spite of our best… Read more »

How to Use Protein Powder in Recipes

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Protein powder should be a staple in your pantry. It can provide necessary amino acids, which are needed for healthy muscle maintenance and growth. Invaluable after any workout, protein powder can also serve as an easy shelf-stable source of protein in times of scarcity. It is commonly known by fans as “muscle dust.” Most of us… Read more »