Warning: The First “Zombie” is Diagnosed. How Fast Will It Spread?

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On Thursday morning, a patient is brought into the emergency room, complaining of severe headache, heart palpitations and sweating. The doctors run tests, but are unable to make a diagnosis. Within a few hours, the patient’s behavior becomes wild and strange. Drug screening comes up negative. Breathing slows and becomes erratic, and the patient’s eyes… Read more »

The Quiet March of Robots

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Coffee Robot

When modern technology threatens our health and our independence. One of my youngest child’s favorite commercials is for the Tassimo coffee brewer. The coffee machine looks like a cute transformer robot, ready to serve. It is, in essence, sort of what it portrays: a robot that can brew your coffee for you with the touch of… Read more »

Life After People

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One of my watched, now defunct, shows on television was called “Life After People.” It was a fascinating deer-in-the-headlights look at what the Earth would become if people weren’t around to exert their influence. Based on science and some real life examples of abandoned places, “Life After People” showed how quickly everything in the environment… Read more »