Space Saving Tips for Preppers

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It can be a desperate challenge to find storage space for everything that you need to be prepared. All of your food, water, hygiene products and survival gear need to go somewhere. Here are several storage tips for those of us who may be challenged when it comes to storage space. The Need to Organize… Read more »

Food Network Ideas

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Establish a food network now. It just may make the difference between having a steady supply of whole foods and protein sources, or doing without.   What is a Food Network? A food network is an alliance among friends, family and neighbors with the goal of sharing or bartering food. Each member provides at least… Read more »

Preppers and Sun Protection Plans

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Sun protection is important

When TSHTF, will the sun become your enemy? Unfortunately, our global sunscreen may slowly be giving out. Learn how to protect yourself and your family. Survive and thrive. Running errands, I decide to stop at Target, the store that seems to sell everything I don’t need but buy anyway. Really, does anyone ever get out of there… Read more »

Is Your Tap Water Safe?

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Water in a glass

  You tap water could be dosing your family with harmful hormones, medications and more! With summer’s heat and humidity here to stay for a while, I have been encouraging my active kids to drink plenty of water. After all, it is better and more hydrating that soda, juice drinks and anything else that contains… Read more »

A Prepper’s Memorial Day

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old flag

To all those who are actively serving or have served our country, we thank you. The sacrifices you and your family have made, and continue to make can never be repaid. All we can do is to fully embrace and enjoy the freedoms you have ensured for us, and to be aware and appreciate these… Read more »