Prepping for Protein

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Protein is so important for a strong, lean body that can take whatever challenge it meets. You will need strong leg, arm, back, and abdomen muscles to survive and even thrive, when the world changes. Getting into shape now can make a huge difference later, plus being in shape just feels good. I became convinced… Read more »

A Prepper’s Memorial Day

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old flag

To all those who are actively serving or have served our country, we thank you. The sacrifices you and your family have made, and continue to make can never be repaid. All we can do is to fully embrace and enjoy the freedoms you have ensured for us, and to be aware and appreciate these… Read more »

Cooking with Food Storage: Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe

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Warm homemade muffins straight from the oven. This treat is within your reach when you follow this simple recipe that uses real wholesome ingredients. The addition of freeze dried raspberries turns an ordinary muffin into something special and eFoodsDirect helps you reduce the cost per muffin. Grab a little piece of summer now. This raspberry… Read more »