Emergency Preparation and Food Safety

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Since we never know when a disaster may strike, it just makes sense to have a food supply on hand. The American Red Cross recommends keeping a three-day supply of food, but most of us who do the research realize that this is not nearly enough. We have already seen major disasters that left ordinary… Read more »

Money Saving Solutions to Fast Food

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It is a misguided perception that the only way to save money on your food budget is to chose highly processed and unhealthy items. This is simply not true. In fact, with a little guidance, you can save both your money and your health at the same time. Fast food can be very addicting. It… Read more »

Make Sure You Get the Supplies You Need

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Being prepared for a disaster, especially one on a doomsday scale means having adequate supplies. Adequate does not simply mean supplies to help you survive for weeks, months or even years, but supplies that can sustain you for a lifetime. The likelihood of a catastrophic event that will affect generations looms ever closer with the… Read more »

We Survived the Ice Storm

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Frigid temperatures, dangerous conditions, and no power for almost five days, with a house full of kids marooned from school. A zombie apocalypse couldn’t be any worse than this. “How are you still alive?” A friend at church asked on Sunday morning, a few hours after our power was finally restored. Most people we knew… Read more »

Avoid These Five Food Prep Mistakes

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Why make expensive food prep mistakes that can leave you wanting in a critical situation? Benefit from my experience and have your family well-fed with minimum fuss. Ignoring Variety I tend to narrow in and focus on something when it works for me. This may be great when it comes to taking care of routine… Read more »

Ten Minute Prepping Tasks

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When you can protect yourself, your family and your home in only ten minutes a day, there is no excuse not to do it! We all have the best intentions, but with busy lives, prepping sometimes can put on the back burner when so many other day-to-day tasks that must also be completed. Facing this… Read more »