Selling Inflation as a Benefit

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Just when you think you’ve heard it all, the establishment wants to convince you that higher prices will help the economy. My Sunday paper’s business section featured an Associated Press article by Christopher S. Rugaber with this headline: “What World Needs: Higher Prices? Banks Hoping Inflation Rises.” * Well duh. Of course the big bankers… Read more »

The Power Of Positive Pessimism

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A friend who has known me personally for years recently wrote me the following: “What’s with the Jekyll and Hyde? The Rock Waterman I know is a cheerful, upbeat, pleasant optimist. Yet when I read the stuff you post on your food storage blog, you seem like a completely different person. You are full of… Read more »

Poor, Poor California

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I’m guessing people in parts of the country currently digging themselves out from record snowstorms may have trouble sympathizing with those of us here in Northern California complaining of the unseasonably dry, warm winter we’re going through. Last Thursday here in Sacramento we broke the record, last set in 1884, of continuous number of days… Read more »

The Looming Water Crisis

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Two recent events took place on opposite ends of our nation that demonstrate how our drinking water can disappear almost overnight. The first was in West Virginia last week, where residents of that state were warned their water was suddenly completely unusable: don’t cook with it, don’t wash clothes in it, don’t bathe in it,… Read more »

Time To Ditch Bitcoin?

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Because of the instability of the U.S. dollar, many of us attempting to prepare for the coming hard times are interested in exploring alternative currencies. So when Bitcoin came on the scene it seemed perfect. Bitcoin was hailed as a fungible currency that could be traded over the internet. It could be used anonymously, and… Read more »

Better Than Restaurant Soup

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tortilla soup

Not to besmirch the memory of my dear departed mother, but I didn’t really prefer her cooking growing up. Though Mom was considered a wonderful cook by just about everyone she knew, I didn’t see it that way. Even as a kid, “Home Cooking” held little appeal for me, and when I grew up and… Read more »