Emergency Kits: Safety Courses

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So far, we’ve gone over a lot of items for home emergency kits, and car emergency kits.  Of course you can include everything on the list, or pick and choose according to your families needs. But sometimes, all of the gear in the world won’t make up for lack of knowledge. Aside from learning how… Read more »

Emergency Kits: That’s Why We Have Em’

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We’re taking a slight detour from Car Emergency Kits (ha ha) this week for a little reminder. I know  it’s summer, and everyone is experiencing a lot of high heat. But here in Utah we are also experiencing a lot (a LOT) of wild fires. Over the past few weeks there have been multiple evacuation… Read more »

Emergency Car Kits: Disposable Camera

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Front view of a cheap disposable camera on a white background

Disposable camera: I’m sure all of you out there know what it is, and have used one in the past. Although they are becoming less utilized as of late, they are still around. Just in case you’re not in the know, a disposable camera is basically this: an inexpensive box camera with a single roll… Read more »

Emergency Car Kits: FOOD!

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Candy bar

One of the major basics for a car kit (or any emergency type kit) that we haven’t covered yet is food. I would recommend having at least 1 day’s worth of calories (2,400). If you have multiple people that you tote around, then be sure to include 1 day’s worth for each person/family member.  Let… Read more »