Tracking Skills Part 2: What You Can Learn From Human Footprints Might Save Your Life

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survival tracking

  The first installment in this three-part eFoodsDirect survival tracking series introduced the concept of reading human footprints and movements in the woods. Knowing who you are sharing a trail with, or learning as much as possible about prints found near the perimeter of your prepper retreat, is information that could save your life in… Read more »

Top 5 Survival Traps – How To Build Simple Traps To Snare Your SHTF Dinner

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top 5 survival traps

  Food, water and shelter are the basics of survival no matter what disaster you are focusing your preparedness plan on. Growing your own groceries by gardening and raising your own livestock definitely belong at the top of any food preparedness to-do list. Stockpiling long-term food storage products will also deeply enhance your chances of… Read more »