Preparedness Fitness Tips

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chopping wood for fitness

  Self-reliance lifestyle plans are not complete until the importance of physical fitness is addressed.During either an emergency scenario of nearly any duration, a strong back is just as integral to survival as a strong mind shelves filled with food, equipment, ammunition and weapons. Working out in order to survive the demands of a disaster… Read more »

Mutual Assistance Groups Enhance Community Preparedness [Interview]

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  Survival instructor Charley Hogwood wrote a book about mutual assistance groups to serve aid those forming, searching for, or expanding a such a community preparedness organization. The MAGS author is also the owner and chief instructor of P.R.E.P. – Personal Readiness Education Programs. Charley describes his unique book and the in-depth approach like this:… Read more »

Best Places To Barter For Preps

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where to find barter preps

  Bartering is a useful skill which can be used during both good times and in a teotwawki scenario. Understanding how to dicker will save you cash and help garner new gear, tools, and services, but knowing where to look to find a multitude of inexpensive and gently used items is just as important as… Read more »

Top 10 Self-Reliance Courses To Increase Survival Chances And Rebuild Communities

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where to find barter preps

  Emergency preparedness involves a lot more than simply purchasing survival gear and weapons. When planning to live off the grid or just engage in a more self-reliant existence, ongoing training and hands-on training should become a priority. The “one is none and two is one” philosophy teaches us to have backup for our backup… Read more »