Homemade Cleaners And Weed Killers

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pandemic preparedness

  Homemade cleaning products and weed killers should be an important part of your preparedness stores. Growing your own food, self-defense training, survival great and long-term food storage products may be at the top of your self-reliance shopping list, but items necessary to keep a garden healthy and the home free from disease are important… Read more »

Witch Hazel Uses and Home Remedies

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natural remedies

  Witch hazel has many uses and its long shelf life makes is a perfect item to add to preparedness storage. In addition to the many wonderful healing attributes that witch hazel possesses, the inexpensive per bottle price tag also make the clear liquid a favorite among preppers. The Witch Hazel shrub is native to… Read more »

Emergency Preparedness: What To Do When You Can’t Call The Fire Department

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EMP attack preparedness

  North Korea is enhancing its EMP capabilities courtesy of Russian technology, according to a recent government report by the National Intelligence Service – NIS. A North Korea EMP attack would surely spawn a multitude of fires – and millions of dollars worth of damages. There are approximately 1,000 airplanes flying over America at any… Read more »

Doomsday Livestock Care Guide

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prepping for animals

  Livestock both small and large must be kept healthy to provide food and milk for the family during a long-term natural or man-made disaster. When the food supply chain is interrupted for even a short period of time, grocery store shelves will empty in a matter of days – if not hours. The natural… Read more »

Bugout Bag Must Have: Tea Tree Oil

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bug out bag

  Bugout bag items need to include all the essentials, yet be light weight and portable. One extremely important first aid item which should be in your bugout bag, purse, and car console is Tea Tree oil. The inexpensive little amber bottles could thwart infection from a small cut or wound sustained during a disaster… Read more »