Top 5 Prepping Morale Boosters

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prepper morale boosters

The first nationwide power grid drill slated to take place on November 13 and 14 highlights the need to live a more self-reliant lifestyle and stock up on the essentials. Beans, bullets, and bandages are of course a must. The 1-month food supply offered by eFoodsDirect is a great deal for both preparedness newbies and… Read more »

Power Grid Down: Nationwide Drill Highlights Need For Long-Term Food Storage

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GridX II

America’s antiquated and overly-taxed power grid is finally getting at least a little bit of attention from the federal government. The nation’s electrical system has become increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks, seasonal storms, an EMP attack, and solar flares. The first ever nationwide power grid drill, GridX II will take place on November 13 and… Read more »