Top 5 Survival Traps – How To Build Simple Traps To Snare Your SHTF Dinner

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top 5 survival traps

  Food, water and shelter are the basics of survival no matter what disaster you are focusing your preparedness plan on. Growing your own groceries by gardening and raising your own livestock definitely belong at the top of any food preparedness to-do list. Stockpiling long-term food storage products will also deeply enhance your chances of… Read more »

How Safe Is Your State? Top 10 Prepper Retreat Issues That Could Impact Chances Of Survival

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how safe is your state

  Building the perfect prepper retreat, homestead, or bug-out location involves taking a multitude of factors into consideration. The general attributes of the land and price of the property are the two first obvious concerns. As already noted in the eFoodsDirect “What You Should Know Before Buying A Prepper Retreat” report, when deciding where to… Read more »

Fall Survival Guide Part 3: Top 10 Prepping Tools And Gadgets To Enhance Your Survival Chances

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survival tools

  Prepping tools surely include the standard hand tools found at any local hardware store, but industrious preppers are always on the lookout for dual-purpose, durable, inexpensive and lightweight homesteading and self-defense tools that can enhance the family’s overall chance of survival. This portion of the eFoodsDirect Fall Survival Guide series will highlight both the… Read more »

Dirt Cheap Items You Should Be Stockpiling Now

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top dirt cheap preps

  Survival preparedness supplies can get pricey, especially when purchasing large items such as generators, rifles, and emergency medical equipment. While you’re budgeting for the immediate energy, defense, health, and long-term food storage preps, save a few dollars on the top 50 dirt cheap prep items. They may cost very little now, but they’ll likely… Read more »