Move Over Maple: How to Tap a Tree

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how to tap a sugar maple tree

  Food, water, and shelter are the three basics of survival and always remain a top priority for preppers. Growing (and raising) your own food and budgeting for purchases of long-term storage food are the best ways to make sure that your family does not starve during a disaster. Utilizing what nature offers us to… Read more »

How To Make A Non-Electric Refrigerator And Ice House

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zeer pots

  Preserving food after a power grid goes down (or other SHTF disaster that stops the flow of electricity) poses an obstacle, but not an insurmountable problem. Off-the-grid living options for food refrigeration do exist and can be accomplished in an economical DIY manner. Providing food security for your family should involve both growing/raising your… Read more »

Economic Collapse Fears Increase With Stock Market ‘Fluctuations’ – Invest In Tangibles Now!

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the harbinger

  Economic collapse could be looming on the horizon. Preppers across America have long worried that we were headed in the wrong financial direction. The federal government continually spends far more than the massive entity takes in, 47 million people (a new record) are on taxpayer-funded assistance, Obamacare has caused massive layoffs, and hundreds of… Read more »

Are You Prepared To Survive A Nuclear War? North Korea Launching Atomic Bomb Fuel Production

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north korea nuclear war

  Are you prepared to survive a nuclear war or World War III conducted by conventional military means? International headlines indicate we all should be reviewing our long-term storage food, water, and other preparedness stockpiles. A “beefing up” of the Russian military coincides with a vow by Vladimir Putin to possess the strongest army in the… Read more »

Diatomaceous Earth Benefits And Uses

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survival medicine

  Diatomaceous earth has a multitude health benefits and should be part of your survival medicine preps. The DE supplement is a basically the dietary form of silica, which is essential to many bodily functions, according to several recent health studies. Diatomaceous earth can reportedly help strengthen joints and bones, the immune system, and aid… Read more »

Power Grid Pushed To The Brink Of Collapse In Texas: Could Your Family Survive If The Grid Fails?

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doomsday preps

  The power grid has been pushed to the edge of collapse in Texas. Record-setting temperatures have both residents and energy experts concerned about the fragility of the vital infrastructure. Although the kiddos are heading back to school, the summer heat is still far from over. Heat-weary Texans have cranked their AC between peak hours,… Read more »