Power Grid Pushed To The Brink Of Collapse In Texas: Could Your Family Survive If The Grid Fails?

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  The power grid has been pushed to the edge of collapse in Texas. Record-setting temperatures have both residents and energy experts concerned about the fragility of the vital infrastructure. Although the kiddos are heading back to school, the summer heat is still far from over. Heat-weary Texans have cranked their AC between peak hours,… Read more »

Earth Bag Homes: The ‘Dirt Cheap’ Way To Build The Ultimate Bugout Retreat

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how to build an earthbag home

  Earthbag homes are the dirt cheap way to build the ultimate bugout retreat or 24/7 self-reliant homestead. The ultra-sturdy homes can reportedly withstand hurricanes, floods, fires, and flying bullets far better than a home constructed in a traditional manner – and far more cheaply. Although the term earthbag home may be unfamiliar to many… Read more »

Second Amendment Threats And A Big Open Carry Win

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  The Second Amendment protects the first, is a common phrase, but the right to bear arms will also allow you to protect your family, water, and crops, should disaster strike. A right written into the Constitution by our wise Founding Fathers should surely give an appearance of being written in stone and safe from… Read more »