Baltimore Riots Highlight Why Everyone Should Prep For Civil Unrest Scenarios

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baltimore riots

Civil unrest materialized in just a few hours during the Baltimore riots. Teenagers kicked off the looting and violence, but were quickly joined by other residents of the western district of “Charm City.” The Baltimore Purge should clearly illustrate exactly why it is so important to prepare to survive civil unrest. Baltimore riots looting and… Read more »

Colorado Property Rights In Danger? Agenda 21 Fears Voiced Over Land Use Deal

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agenda 21 colorado

  Property rights and restricted land use for generations to come have caused concern for some Colorado residents. The land conservation easement tabled for the moment in the Palisades area and Mesa County, have renewed fears that Agenda 21 mandates are continuing to emerge in America. Colorado county commissioner Scott McInnis is leading the effort… Read more »

Jade Helm 15 – Everything You Need To Know About The Controversial Military Training Exercises

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jade helm 15

  Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theories, facts, and speculation have dominated online headlines for weeks. The massive realistic military training to take place in seven states this summer has many preppers and Second Amendment extremely concerned. Operation Jade Helm rumors range from concerns about the abrupt Walmart store closings for the biggest plumbing problem in… Read more »

ISIS Is Here In America And Preparing To Attack, Ohio Terrorist Suspect Claims

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ISIS in America

  Ohio ISIS suspect Christopher Cornell shocked the nation when portions of his jailhouse interview with a Cincinnati radio station aired earlier this month. The suspected terrorist’s attorney fought, and lost, a court battle to keep the public from hearing Cornell’s threats against America. The attorney claimed that by airing Christopher Lee Cornell’s interview, his… Read more »

Self-Reliance Tips For Homesteading Newbies

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self-reliance tips

Buying the perfect homesteading property, planting rows and rows or crops, and purchasing long term storage food as a part of a backup plan is a good start to becoming more self-reliant, but those preps alone will not ensure success or long-term survival. Living off the grid or making the decision to live more self-reliant… Read more »

Agenda 21 Banned In Mississippi But The Property Rights Concerns Over The UN Plan Continue

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agenda 21 property rights

    Agenda 21 ban was approved in Mississippi. Other states have pending or passed similar legislation. Agenda 21 is losing public support due to an increase in grassroots efforts to curtail the United Nations program, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center the UN Agenda 21 initiative is a voluntary and non-binding action plan… Read more »