Beehives Summer Losses Now Surpass Winter Honeybee Deaths, Lack Of Bees Puts The Food Supply In Jeopardy

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  Honeybee populations have been on a devastating decline since 2006. No single cause for colony collapse disorder has been agreed upon by agriculture experts and scientists, as noted by eFoodsDirect previously, but one potential teotwawki fact is crystal clear – the necessary pollinators are continuing to die off in record numbers. A new study… Read more »

Raising A Self-Reliant Child: Educational Choices For Prepping Families

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Raising a self-reliant child is a priority for prepping families, as it should be for all American families. There are multiple educational choices open to parents in most states. Prepper parents are typically focused on the same academic goals as non-survivalist parents — we just also want out children to learn self-reliant skills, and garner… Read more »

FEMA Series Part 3: What You Should Be Stockpiling Right Now To Avoid Relying On FEMA During An Emergency?

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What should you be stockpiling right now in order to avoid the need to go to a temporary emergency FEMA camp or to meet your family’s needs while attempting to avoid being ushered gratefully to a permanent FEMA resettlement camp? Water, long-term food storage items and plenty of ammo are three of the most important… Read more »

FEMA Camps Series Part 1 of 3: Will They Happen?

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fema camps america

FEMA camps: Just reading those two words invoke an immediate sense of foreboding and anger in many Americans. Call such emergency government facilities resettlement camps or refugee camps if you like, but the freedom-infringing will be just the same despite the text on the entrance sign. If following a guy who introduces himself by saying,… Read more »

Baltimore Riots Highlight Why Everyone Should Prep For Civil Unrest Scenarios

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baltimore riots

Civil unrest materialized in just a few hours during the Baltimore riots. Teenagers kicked off the looting and violence, but were quickly joined by other residents of the western district of “Charm City.” The Baltimore Purge should clearly illustrate exactly why it is so important to prepare to survive civil unrest. Baltimore riots looting and… Read more »

Colorado Property Rights In Danger? Agenda 21 Fears Voiced Over Land Use Deal

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agenda 21 colorado

  Property rights and restricted land use for generations to come have caused concern for some Colorado residents. The land conservation easement tabled for the moment in the Palisades area and Mesa County, have renewed fears that Agenda 21 mandates are continuing to emerge in America. Colorado county commissioner Scott McInnis is leading the effort… Read more »