Survival Cooking: Off Grid Stoves And Food Preparedness Options

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survival stoves

  Survival stoves and portable camping stoves are uncomplicated outdoor cooking devices that are handy when camping and can save your life during a disaster situation. During a long-term disaster fuel for a generator, wood logs, and charcoal will ultimately be in short supply or disappear entirely. Possessing a basement full of delicious eFoodsDirect long-term… Read more »

How To Build Simple Snares And Traps

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traps and snares

  Would you know how to hunt for food during a long-term emergency or grid down scenario? Food, water, and shelter are the basics of survival. Not enough of one will surely result in the demise of the family or mutual assistance group. Survival snares and traps will help feed the family during a lengthy… Read more »

Preparedness Fitness Tips

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chopping wood for fitness

  Self-reliance lifestyle plans are not complete until the importance of physical fitness is addressed.During either an emergency scenario of nearly any duration, a strong back is just as integral to survival as a strong mind shelves filled with food, equipment, ammunition and weapons. Working out in order to survive the demands of a disaster… Read more »

Mutual Assistance Groups Enhance Community Preparedness [Interview]

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  Survival instructor Charley Hogwood wrote a book about mutual assistance groups to serve aid those forming, searching for, or expanding a such a community preparedness organization. The MAGS author is also the owner and chief instructor of P.R.E.P. – Personal Readiness Education Programs. Charley describes his unique book and the in-depth approach like this:… Read more »

Emergency Communication Disaster Tips

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prepper communication tips

The only thing worse that facing either a man-made or natural disaster is being forced to do so without your spouse and children. Preparedness planning and practicing exit routes and having maps handy are just a few of the keys to successful survival relocation during a crisis. Leaving unconventional notes or wordless messages to loved… Read more »