Bugout Bags: What To Put Inside Your Child’s School Backpack And Teaching Them How To Get Home Alone

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prepping with kids

  If you do not homeschool,a bugout bag for kids should be an essential part of your preparedness plan. The bags should include a basic first aid kit, a map with the route home highlighted, directions to survival caches along the route, several nutritional bars and a survival straw in their school backpack. The child,… Read more »

Survival Skills We Can Learn From The Amish

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homesteading tips

Although there is great value in taking a class, watching videos, and reading books to enhance your self-reliance skills, spending some time in an Amish enclave offers an irreplaceable hands-on experience. In my experience, the Amish are savvy businessmen. When approached with respect and a sincere desire to learn, an Amish man would likely agree… Read more »

American Food Supply In Jeopardy, According To World Food Systems Report

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long term food

  The inaugural World Food Systems report judged the food systems in 125 different countries, ranking each nation based on four different major metrics: affordability of food, food quality, abundance of food, and the eating habits of citizens. The United States’ food systems score was adversely affected by both the nation’s high obesity and diabetes… Read more »

Survival Cooking: Off Grid Stoves And Food Preparedness Options

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survival stoves

  Survival stoves and portable camping stoves are uncomplicated outdoor cooking devices that are handy when camping and can save your life during a disaster situation. During a long-term disaster fuel for a generator, wood logs, and charcoal will ultimately be in short supply or disappear entirely. Possessing a basement full of delicious eFoodsDirect long-term… Read more »

How To Build Simple Snares And Traps

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traps and snares

  Would you know how to hunt for food during a long-term emergency or grid down scenario? Food, water, and shelter are the basics of survival. Not enough of one will surely result in the demise of the family or mutual assistance group. Survival snares and traps will help feed the family during a lengthy… Read more »