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Knowledge is Power (KiP)  TEOTWAWKI is an acronym that stands for “The End Of The World As We Know It”.  It basically means life as we know it right now will change forever, but life will not end. While there are numerous scenarios that can change life as we know it forever, the majority of… Read more »

KiP 2: Finding Accurate, Non-bias News Reports

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Knowledge is Power (KiP)  I first saw very bias reporting during my combat tour in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War in 1990/91.  I had been in country for about three months when I had a chance to call home and talk with my mom.  She was telling me things she had seen on CNN… Read more »

KiP 1: Preparedness Insurance

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Knowledge is Power (KiP)  In this next series of articles, I will be writing on “Knowledge is Power”.  The more accurate and informative information you have to gain the “Knowledge” needed in preparing your life and the lives of your family, the better off you will be in a very uncertain future. It is very… Read more »

Preparedness Questions and Answers #12

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Natsumi from Honolulu, HI asked:  A cousin of mine got to attend one of your disaster preparedness classes back in New Mexico a while back and she mentioned something about “What If” questions.  What was she talking about?

Preparedness Questions and Answers #11

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Electra from Bismarck, ND asked:  Yonis, in a TEOTWAWKI scenario when people have to walk long distances, what type of footwear would you recommend? A Great question Ms Electra.  This is a very common item that is overlooked in folks bug out back packs.  “Survival Footwear” is a very crucial item that everyone needs to… Read more »