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eating-my-own-words-1382051-mWhy make expensive food prep mistakes that can leave you wanting in a critical situation? Benefit from my experience and have your family well-fed with minimum fuss.

Ignoring Variety

I tend to narrow in and focus on something when it works for me. This may be great when it comes to taking care of routine tasks, but it about killed my food prep plans. While I love the convenience of canned chicken and peanut butter, for example, I know my family would not want to eat either at every meal. Make sure that your food prep includes a variety of different food, and don’t forget seasonings and spices if they are not already included in your food prep meals.

Stocking Unfamiliar Food

Last summer, my kids and I were at a museum in Washington DC and had to do the obligatory gift shop visit. We spotted “Astronaut Ice Cream,” and the kids convinced me to buy a case of it to include in our prep. The stuff was expensive and wound up tasting like chalk. No one wanted to eat it. Had we not been eager to try it for novelty sake, we would have been stocking something that was useless. If you think that desperation will make you eat something you don’t like or are not used to, think again. You’ll probably still avoid it, and anyway, why not have food that is comforting in an emergency, not merely tolerated. Think about that the next time cans of seafood medley are sale at the supermarket.

Making Cheap a Priority

All prep food is not created equally. Many times companies cut costs by cutting nutrition.  This makes me furious. Nutrition is critical in a crisis, especially for families. Don’t be fooled by inexpensive food storage. Make sure you know exactly what is in your food before you order it, and if a company is not up front about everything from food source to sodium levels, move on. Obviously, you want to get a good value, but balance cost with quality. There are plenty of good choices for prepackaged food prep out there. (You can see exactly what is and isn’t in eFoodsDirect food here.)

Overpaying for Your Food Prep

The opposite of making cheap a priority is overpaying for your food prep when you don’t need to do so. Do your research before buying. Compare costs, ask questions and find good deals on your food storage. Other ways to save include buying prepping food in bulk, taking advantage of food storage promotions, and buying items seasonally.

Not Eating What You Store

When I first started prepping, I had a tendency to purchase food and then store it away. Now I know better. I incorporate our food storage into our regular meal plan.

Eating what you store accomplishes at least two things:

It helps you automatically rotate your food storage, so you always are prepared with the freshest food available in an emergency. Of course, if you choose food storage with a long shelf life, this doesn’t become quite as important, which leads me to the second reason…

When you eat what you store, you can evaluate your likes and dislikes and make changes if needed. This is especially helpful when you have a growing family, as not only tastes change but also portion sizes as well.

Keep these five food prep mistakes in mind, and you will be firm in your food preparations, and well-prepared for whatever difficulty comes your way.

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