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eFoods Breakfast sandwich

In my last post we talked about little things you can to do prepare your college student in case of an emergency. (We touched on everything from car problems to date dilemmas). In this post, we are going to take a look at back-to-school time for elementary-age students. We’ll focus on ways to make this school year one to remember, through quick and easy breakfast options as well as tried and true daily routines.

For your children, breakfast can be the difference between feeling refreshed and refueled for a new day or feeling tired and sluggish by mid-morning. According to, breakfast is the refueling meal children need after 8 to 10 hours of sleep. Starting the day off with a healthy meal can keep your children alert and in a good mood for their morning classes. However, along with the nutritional value, breakfast can also be priceless bonding time for you and your children.

Even now, as a twenty-year-old college student, I can remember eating breakfast with my mom each morning before leaving for elementary school. There was nothing especially fancy about those meals, but they were always some of the most delicious. Here are a few quick and easy breakfast favorites from my childhood:

Circle in a Square

Ingredients: one egg, one slice of bread, butter.

Directions: Put half a teaspoon of butter into your frying pan. Use the rim of a cup to cut a circle out of the center of a slice of bread (your children might love to help with this step, especially using their favorite cookie cutter). Put the bread in a frying pan and then crack an egg and pour it into the hole you’ve just made. Let the bread and egg fry and then flip.

Homemade Breakfast Sandwiches

Ingredients: a package of English muffins, slices of ham (or your preferred breakfast meat), poached eggs, sliced cheese.

Directions: Assemble your breakfast sandwiches. If desired assemble several, place each into its own baggie, and then refrigerate. Sandwiches can be microwaved for a quick breakfast option throughout the week.

Breakfast by Bulk

Another easy option is buying breakfast foods like oatmeal in bulk. A case of eFoodsDirect’s Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal can be a quick and nutritious breakfast choice for your kids. Oatmeal is still one of my favorite breakfast meals, and to quote my mother, “Oatmeal sticks to your ribs.”

Though the food was always tasty, what I remember most about breakfast with my mom was our morning routine. I always had a special motivation to be up and ready on time because if there was extra time in the morning my mom would read to me until we heard the honk of my carpool. Sometimes we’d read the Ramona books, or maybe Charlotte’s Web, but no matter the book, the special bonding time with my mom was what I looked forward to most of all. This was a tradition we continued up through middle school when we finished The Five  People You Meet in Heaven, and this is a tradition I look forward to continuing with my own family.

Chelsea Nunez

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