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baltimore riots

Civil unrest materialized in just a few hours during the Baltimore riots. Teenagers kicked off the looting and violence, but were quickly joined by other residents of the western district of “Charm City.” The Baltimore Purge should clearly illustrate exactly why it is so important to prepare to survive civil unrest.

Baltimore riots looting and arson caused store shelves to empty of food, water, diapers, baby formula, first aid items and medications in the blink of an eye. Law-abiding citizens in Baltimore’s western district were left with only the necessities already on their shelves amid the violent civil unrest. Fleeing the neighborhood would likely have been just as risky as remaining.

Stockpiling food, preferably long-term storage food that will not go bad in just a few weeks or months, water, baby needs and medications can mean the difference between life and death. Being city folks, most do not have vehicles and all modes of public transportation were halted during the riots. Exiting the area on foot with only what you can carry on your back was likely not a pleasant option for those huddled in their homes in fear.

The Baltimore police were alerted to an alliance between three rival gangs, the Bloods, the Crips and the Black Guerilla Family, in the early afternoon hours yesterday. The gangs allegedly agreed to a partnership that would involve them putting aside the turf wars and violence they wage against one another and turn all their power and angst toward the police.

The Baltimore Police Department was placed on high alert over the warning just as another threat emerged against them on social media — this time the promise of chaos stemmed from local teenagers.

The so-called Baltimore Purge referenced a popular movie where citizens could conduct any crime they wished for a single night. Exactly why and how rioting and looting in their own neighborhoods would further the investigation into the Freddie Gray case and bring about the justice the community has been calling for remains unseen. The Freddie Gray family’s pleas for peaceful protests eroded after the 25-year-old was buried.

Baltimore riots and looting show how quickly civil unrest will empty store shelves, leaving residents without food and water.

baltimore purge

(Baltimore riots and looting show how quickly civil unrest will empty store shelves leaving residents without food and water.)

A total of 15 Baltimore police officers were injured during the riots. Some local faith leaders, residents and community leaders attempted to thwart the destruction and violence throughout the evening. The Baltimore mayor has been lambasted with complaints in the hours since the Baltimore riots began for allegedly giving the police officers a “stand down” order as part of the city burned and businesses were destroyed.

Some rioters sliced holes in fire hoses as businesses and a nearly completed nursing home burned. Baltimore firefighters risked their lives before even battling the blaze by merely venturing into what appeared to be like a war zone in the western district neighborhood.

The local fire chief told CNN that one of the firefighters was “seriously hurt” while attempting to knock down one of the blazes. While the fire chief did note that the injury was not due to smoke inhalation, he did not elaborate further on the firefighter’s condition. Rioting and civil unrest can take over large portions of cities in just a few hours. Would you be able to feed your family if you were trapped inside your home or had to flee quickly?

baltimore purge

(Rioting and civil unrest can take over large portions of cities in just a few hours. Would you be able to feed your family if you were trapped inside your home or had to flee quickly?)

Participants and spectators of the Baltimore riots who spoke with reporters from CNN and Fox News often said the Baltimore Purge, looting and fires were occurring because the teens and residents felt “oppressed” and mentioned alleged police brutality and racism. Some reporters asked for more details about the racism allegations, pointing out that the mayor and the majority of city council members were also black. Rioters and spectators stated that the western district needed more black police officers as well.

One unidentified man said that “during the times” he was arrested, some of the Baltimore cops “were good and arrested him the right way” while others were “bad” and used excessive force when arresting him.

baltimore riots day 2

(Video of a Baltimore mom went viral after she repeatedly smacked her teenage son upside the head after seeing him throw a rock during the Baltimore riots. During a civil unrest situation, youthful rioters posed just as much dangers as full-grown men.)

One Baltimore city council members and multiple residents at the scene stated that bottled up generational anger over poverty, lack of jobs and underfunded schools caused the eruption of violence and looting in the Western District neighborhood. When asked how burning down the stores which did choose to locate in the neighborhood would help foster job growth, the question went unanswered.

Some Baltimore residents showed up on the streets early this morning armed with not cinder blocks and bottles filled with flammable liquid, but with brooms and trash bags as they volunteered to help clean up the massive mess. Many of these same residents are nearly begging that the “thuggin’” called for on social media come to an abrupt end because they need paychecks earned from working at the businesses still standing in the Western District.

The Baltimore Police Department budget could likely be in shambles after the taxpayer-funded agency will be forced to purchase new cruisers and vans to replace those destroyed during the riots and to pay for all the over-time accrued during the attempts to regain control of the city.

A Baltimore mom grabbed her son and slapped him in the head repeatedly in an apparent effort to prevent him from running off to join the rioting and looting going on in the city’s Western District. The Baltimore mother is being hailed as a hero by some, even those who admitted they never thought they would applaud smacking their offspring upside the head. The viral video has now sparked the #momoftheyear hashtag on social media.

The unidentified Baltimore mom appeared to recognize her teenage son even though he had donned a black ski mask that covered most of his face. When the woman saw her son throwing rocks on a television showing a breaking news report on the Baltimore riots, she reportedly sprang into action.

Local news outlet WMAR captured the Baltimore mother smacking her son in the head and tugging him home from the Baltimore Purge’s violence and looting. The video of the mom quickly went viral — likely much to the teen son’s dismay.

The mom was relentless in her effort to prevent her teen son from engaging in the Baltimore riots. As the crowd watched, the Baltimore mom continued to smack her son in the head as he struggled to free himself from her grasp. The would-be rioter was ultimately able to get away from his mother, but not before she yanked the black ski mask off of his head. Mom stayed on his heels as he walked away, presumably toward their home.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts referenced the Baltimore mom video when speaking to the press about the purge, rioting and looting late Monday evening, stating, “In one scene you had a mother who grabbed a child who had a hood on his head and started smacking him on the head because she was so embarrassed. I wish there were more parents out there who took charge of their kids tonight. Take control of your kids. This is our city; let’s make a difference.”


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  1. Eric Williams

    In his comment on the Baltimore riots why did Jax Finn not mention that the United States military subjected the high school children to some sort of new electronic laser weapon that causes those subjected to it to go crazy, and that the US military shut down the public transportation to prevent the children from going home?

    • Jax Finn


      That is a very good question. Unfortunately, I did not write that piece. Tara Dodrill is the author of the Baltimore article. Perhaps you should ask her that question as I am sure, knowing Tara, she’ll have something interesting to say about the topic! Tara? What do you think?


    • Tara Dodrill


      I appreciate your question and reading the article. Your mention of the “electronic laser weapon” that causes craziness is the first time I have ever heard of such a thing, related to Baltimore or elsewhere. I spent some time researching the use of such a weapon by the police in Baltimore and found absolutely nothing. From the live footage of the high school students, many of whom were 18, they appeared to be acting crazy all on their own – without any police officer stepping anywhere near them. As for the military portion of the question, the National Guard was called in at request of the mayor, but local officials had already shut down public transportation as a safety precaution long before the guard members arrived. The young adults at the high school could get home the way rural elementary to high school kids do where I live – by walking. As a parent, I do feel badly for those not involved with the rioting who likely were fearful about walking in such an environment. I am sure that the police officers containing the rioting were as helpful as possible to those not engaged in criminal activity.